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If we allow Mushen Yi Liu Chuanfeng and the right place, North of Hunan win that game do

Economy Doll2010-02-07 02:01:15 +0000 #1

saganosky2010-02-07 02:16:02 +0000 #2
talk matter-if drama aside, the chance of winning North of Hunan is also not a big one ... ... The first is optical Liu Chuanfeng going gets imam ... ...

if Liu Chuanfeng and the imam of the bits, then the same can not be anti-Miyagi live Kiyota ... ... Miyagi's height is flawed, but only as a reserve guard Kigurashi's activities is the insufficient capacity of Mishap ... ...

but people Fangbu Zhu Liu Chuanfeng an imam, but the two persons, and Sakuragi double-teamed, finally is the three-team, this way flawed ... ...

Hainan is typical of the whole entire defensive attack , while the North of Hunan's attack capabilities embodied in the Akagi, Liu Chuanfeng 2 person ... ... Sakuragi and Mitsui together be a little more (for beginners + lack of physical fitness), Miyagi almost no attack, which led to the attack capabilities north Hunan almost exclusively the equivalent of little more than half of Hainan ... ... this is the strongest lineup of comparison, the count, then north Hunan lose the bench even more ... ...

So, in accordance with the prevailing situation, Akagi, and Liu Chuanfeng the whole entire defensive attack, Sakuragi capacity embodied in the before and after the market rebounds and blocked shots and double-team on Mitsui because the physical experience, due mainly to rely on defense there is in the long-range shot, but Miyagi is a law-abiding, dribbling organizations and steal ... ... known as the county in Hainan the strongest of the unbeaten teams, players pick a random place to another are the main force, apparently north Hunan is still too far away from this realm ... ...

even into the plot, north Hunan passive factors of uncertainty and too many ... ... Akagi sprains, Liu Chuanfeng collective consciousness is not strong, Sakuragi beginners, Mitsui physical shortage, Miyagi height too short, too weak and embarrassing Kigurashi major role, other substitutes can be forced almost Hainan Nabuchushou ... ... so, glorious defeat ... ...
sodanei1232010-02-07 02:25:18 +0000 #3
Council, because it is necessary for the plots
Bird of Paradise Flower Garden on2010-02-07 03:08:40 +0000 #4
to trial and we have to know, but I think it is not likely to win, play does not rely on one person, and depends on the overall play. Like the North of Hunan into the national competition, the second face first in the country on the mountain king industries, rely on the whole North of Hunan team members admit defeat the spirit of perseverance and finally beat the last three years has been the title.
asjlzhang2010-02-07 03:16:23 +0000 #5
Lou Zhu, who compiled this game is not real, who want to win whoever wins.



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