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13,083,098,3072010-02-07 02:02:08 +0000 #1
I like the movement of happiness
Flower Feast 882010-02-07 02:15:10 +0000 #2
can be like! -
Small kings of you2010-02-07 02:35:38 +0000 #3
I love to play badminton, because badminton is a whole body movement. Not only the flexibility of exercising my body, but also enable the healthy development of the body and mind. Badminton takes two to be carried out, together, can foster community spirit, but also friendship. If the frail person, you can also try to badminton this movement enhance their physique.

"Do more exercise and good health," the saying is right is really nice. I feel that exercise is not necessarily a lot to do, as long as with their own constitution, in line with its own personality can be. I am personally against such a movement most interested in badminton. Badminton fascinated me, because every time playing badminton I will whole-heartedly, even down to bleeding or injured, I do not ignore them. Every empty when I went downstairs to the park will continue to practice, in order to get progress. Recall that in the past she beginner badminton, when really nothing to understand, do not understand. At that time Panghuang feeling has made me give up, we are fortunate there is a group of good friends encouraged me, so I am able to generate better understanding of the sport badminton.

"A sub-tough, no gain." I am well aware of this truth, as long as you work hard, believe they can achieve this. Playing badminton is also the same token, must be more training, do not such "good luck" to come. As soon as you set the target will be able to do so.



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