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NBA2K9 how play this game? Which expert can teach about, thank you

qiubo Q2010-02-07 02:02:20 +0000 #1
thank you more points
283,928,3412010-02-07 02:17:12 +0000 #2
I also have to be playing with you to talk about.

WSAD tacit attack on Mobile

PageUp call to suspend the game

PageDown to stop a space left to pass

SHIFT inside a small keyboard with his back to basket: 0 changed to dribble the ball turned and pulled


ENTER buildup five cast / on / dunk

2 4 6 8 shooting in all directions defensive action

PageUp intentional foul to stop the game

PageDown space Substitution

Small Keyboard: 0 Zhan Zhuang

DEL blocks / rebounds

5 copied the ball

2 4 6 8 The direction of defensive moves

updates direct pass / Substitution combination of:

with a small keyboard + keypad 0 key direct pass / substitutions to the SG

with a small keyboard DEL direct pass / substitutions to the PF

with the keypad 5 direct pass / substitutions to the SF

with the space direct pass / substitutions to the PG

with the TAB direct pass / substitutions to the C

Keyboard Operations Guide

WASD around the upper and lower ball


SPACE keypad 8426, when the offensive shot can be used as keys in a different position and angle with the arrow keys to select a different side shot 5 shot key


0 the edge of change to the point of turning a small keypad Enter



5 is a steal

8426 can block corresponding to the direction of a foul ball

0 created gave the driver a little bit blocks and rebounding

Slam Dunk keypad Enter key + any shot

NBA2K9 practical technical and tactical operational summary

key settings (for the PS2 controller buttons in parentheses):

pass / switch: B1 (×)

cross under the dribble / build and gave the driver: B2 (○)

shoot / steals: B3 (□)

turned extraordinary / cap: B4 (△)

accelerate: RT (R1)

back to play / lock-defensive: LT (L1)

Double with / assist in the defense double-teamed: LB (L2)

direct pass / switch: RB (R2)

direction: the left stick

shooting control / defensive control: the right-rocker

pause / tactical fouls: SELECT

tactics: cross keypad with the other key to select the right

if Play to the back you want to play point tactics, and in came and asked me ah!



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