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How do I practice cap?

Chinese Dragon Sports2010-02-07 03:01:03 +0000 #1
Brother on a four-year, 151cm. Always playing with friends, and now also the school team.

But I will be able to build them up to 155cm-160cm people, in general if we are playing games in the section in such a tall person, I can cover in a down to 4 or more. But I can not build them up to a higher one, how do practice? (Copied from someone else's would not have, and I just practice) Thank you!
‖ 11 ‖2010-02-07 03:17:40 +0000 #2
I love the cap Zuishuang, you 151CM arm to take your show (with your great height between five short stature is not a long wingspan) I am barefoot 181CM wingspan 198CM (not wrong is 198), so defensive blocks come in handy for your good sense is better not to easily take off long before sub-workout meal should be appropriate

Do you like basketball height is very important to able to do so let your parents take you to look at bone age measurements (which can accurately predict Your height)

you are now the most important long-body to eat so you do not want to energetically fussy eaters
David Air China Air2010-02-07 03:11:06 +0000 #3
practice my little brother jumping bar
elegant with a melancholy2010-02-07 03:27:38 +0000 #4
I also like the blocks, feeling really feel so cool! Blocks apart from applying the physical, but also conscious. The most important thing is to bounce rate, and judgments. Dance Gao Bugao That is secondary. When you are capping people, there is not detected, not you jump high enough, but the moment you shot someone soon. My situation is the case. So, you have to practice projectile velocity, methods weigh foot jump. Do not bend the knee, quick little jump, which also help jump, rope skipping is possible. Blocks to the times correctly identify the other party immediately jump shot, hand-stretched, so as not Qu legs too deep, because it is not so much time to you, with the fastest speed of take-off and give him a big hat! And use both hands, which hand in which only the cover is available. There are no good results even if it does not matter, you have a small, later still high, it is insisted that practice, to learn well the basic skills, be helpful to you later. After a long wait for you to meter eighty, if you insist on practicing bomb-speed bounce, arm good enough to show, more than 190 shots in front of you dare, still cover him! By that time, remember not to bounce, do not shoot all you want to cover off each time, otherwise you eat Akira eat stupid. Forget, they spoke these phones too tired typing it, you do not know Xiaopi Hai Kan Bukan was understood to bar you, if you really want to play basketball so.
liujian_07302010-02-07 04:48:30 +0000 #5
go to the street to buy a hat, straining it can cover a



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