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CCTV-5 which, when put nba playback a song, I just remember that there is one inside lyrics are "Go,

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desperadoes main line

listen to me say that I had had a dream with you

fly far walk with you come to old age

but I have come to naught

forget our commitment to forget the love you love, so thick

I can not take you away I made a big mistake

must be a person to go to all the sins of

must leave Kangxia familiar blocks Please do not forget me

This is a light rain at night floating in the air

when I pinch machines already sold the moment the soul of the Devil

The irony is that I very much ask God to help me in that little bit of redemption

Call me

think of the dignity of the mother's face, I'm sorry these years

have a chance to see you face

Mom, I made a mistake you will forgive me?

I have embarked on a dead end

others are outlaws in the eyes of my hiding place where there are Department?

my brother away from me, I also believe that the moral of the Shahu Hu

Could it be to use the so-called human blood and tears in exchange for lessons Hunxia Qu

do not want to say job done is no longer pull up to this vote go

pondered my tears start to flow continuously啦

Do not ask where that way?

the wind is the only way forward in the starting啦
do not want to ask him in what way?

My God what destiny points?

When you drive rumbling sound of a dream began to pain

it rolled up for each face of the wind to re-sculpture

Ye Wu is also raging

so thick open end of the road have a hunch is a maze

Hey kid, I think I probably understand what you mean

those who happen to you

once the body is also different face in my life where there have been several times

which I do not smarter interpretation

just think today we have perhaps is an appropriate day

we have to use their comfortable positions

use good way to We give life

whether a confession or a respondent has the ability of the word

one will be difficult to resist the fate of non-benevolent

This reasoning is simple, then do not accept is another matter

true love is not come to it just being without warning of malicious delay

Do not let a woman do stupid things

to become your own with your own argument

Why are there still feel that there is not enough

My God this would not be greedy idea

why the mad to Working mad to Dream

Why do not moved in the end, in situ, under clear blue skies are not happy in the face

powerless who locked his brow to cry

Why do you want to see a movie

damn typhoon happens in every election one weekend

Why is this world is someone too poor to go crazy

it was full of the notes as a pillow

Why do the news stories just to feel sad

steal bread to fill their stomachs with his mother why the thief


100 into a 1000 10000 Hundred Thousand Whys

Why do I want to break the first bird he could not write obsessed with for what I read

We all do not have to care about the future look like

like the mentally ill to write a poem or a fireworks blossom festival

go with it that we only live once

breathe breathe breathe

just call all the drag, however, proved the truth in the absurd is just before dark room decorated

Only when the eyes light up after

have a chance to demonstrate its value is not a Who

The roaming decision, or sprint

We are all in the sea I think we are like the sand

you say is probably the desperadoes is not mean

starting啦that way Do not ask where (desperadoes could be fully in order to go)

the wind is the only way forward (which is not a dead end there is no hiding place)

starting啦do not want to ask him where Lu (desperadoes fled to go all out)

Yun-ah hey what is life crossing (breathing in the dead end to me a hiding place)

When the sound of rumbling began to dream of pain (outlaws may as well go all out)

it is rolled each face of the wind re-sculpture (which is not a dead end there any place to hide The Office)

Ye Wu is also open so thick rough (desperadoes fled to go all out)

have a hunch end of the road is a maze (breathing in the dead end to me a hiding place)
nash9511212010-02-07 03:19:49 +0000 #3
for the main line "Desperado" in 2009 on their performances on New Year's Gala known as the "start"
shx7012010-02-07 03:58:59 +0000 #4
is the main north-south line called the Spring Festival Evening sang songs desperadoes, RAP



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