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NBA official website of the competition guessing how to play?

Stanley10042010-02-07 04:01:09 +0000 #1
Detailed methodology?
vivi6_62010-02-07 04:11:08 +0000 #2
1. Log in NBA's official website leg channels, the use of ID account login game, so you even started to join games. If you have not ID on the registration of a hurry, all the ID for the first time landing the game system will be presented the initial points 5000 points for your participation in Tour

2. A day before the start, you can provide the game's official website lists pick one that you think would win the team, select a game will cost you 500 points of entry fees. Weigh up their points and then into action at once.

3. Race before the start of your choice can change cancellation will not be changed once the race of your choice, the game started!

4. After the game, if you have a single field to choose the right, it can get a 1000 bonus points; if the wrong choice, then the entry points so this had to go all啦NBA's official website. But do not worry they will not continue the game gambled away points a day after the 0:00 game as long as the log, the system will be presented you 1000 points (one day only to send one oh).

5. In order to reward active users games, official website will be sent an additional incentive (extra day of competition award convertible means limited to): Points Exchange method:

a) users to participate in quiz competition that day all the correct answers, will receive a total investment of the same day * 2 points additional incentives

b) the user when the quiz is not all correct answers, it is the day points total investment * (the number of games won / total field day race number)



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