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94 years, height 2 m, weight 90 kg, and now sports school to play basketball, how can contact cba en

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Memorial smoke straight2010-02-07 05:18:09 +0000 #2
sports school you are at what ah? Supposedly grass-roots local sports school coaches are veteran athletes who retire from呀!

Do you have proof of the relevant prize-winning ah? This is also a stepping stone, but this greater help for you to go to school!

We are Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a sports school two years ago to 81 youth team players, and then went to Guangdong, ambition, and now has entered a Guoqing.

you want to be found that mainly three kinds of methods:

1, as long as you have a local student competitions [at least the urban class], there should be a lot of people who engage in this regard, ah, as long as you have enough outstanding, non-Pa Moren found ah.

2, You find out on my own professional team youth team workout, as in [Guangdong Wei Lun Sports School] in fact the vision of the three teams in Guangdong is the echelon. if you are a seedling, [you have the basic conditions have been pretty good, if the true age] you can Contact several clubs consult. at this stage to spend some money to be unavoidable.

3, your coach recommended to him that you thought, I think that if he is a sports school coach should be someone normal veins and channels, ah!

knock on the hand pain, if helpful, give extra points bar, what do not understand ask me
Street No kui M2010-02-07 05:22:53 +0000 #3
Ask the calls to 114, or to the CBA's website look up
Adults 1202010-02-07 06:16:14 +0000 #4
Your first learning how to strike a sense of and feel that you are what province? Can go to the local sports bureau under the name of!



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