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How to maintain speed when dribbling the ball control?

xiao_ye_world2010-02-07 06:01:10 +0000 #1
Brother I 183, 100 meters speed in 12 seconds or so, but when you can not dribble full play to its speed advantage, because I am a high-speed dribble, the ball Jiugen not live me, so sometimes I do not soon `` ` The dribble can be, and how to maintain high-speed dribble dribble a good feeling, thank you `` `
lb635705172010-02-07 06:16:44 +0000 #2
dribble the basketball training and competition is important, it allows players:

In the can not pass the ball to his teammates when the ball forward in attack; the ball to move to a more favorable position to pass to a teammate; or wait for when teammates are in place then pass the ball; his dribble to the hoop direction and complete the shooting or on the basket. Do not dribble too much, however, also very important. If you're in the game too much dribbling, will the other four teammates can see you standing there, thus losing basketball team, as advocated by the spirit of cooperation, but more slowly dribble (ball faster into passing the ball to the hoop direction). You should learn how to dribble, but also should learn when to dribble (when the pass).

Should dribble with your fingers, not palm. Preferably no more than waist high dribble (so easier to control the ball). Dribble when the wrist should be relaxed, with the squeezing action Bounce the ball down, rather than beating action. To train two hands can skillfully dribble. Begin by learning in situ dribble, dribble skilled hand side after you can walk. Do not dribble too much when you consider the speed, first grasp the best of luck ball technology. The dribble move beyond technical master, and then began to gradually increase the speed until at full speed. What kind of speed to take you comfortably dribble as the standard.

Dribble should be gaining ground at all times observe the court case. If you dribble when Zhigu bow watching, it is easy to steal the ball by his opponent, but also to see a teammate in a good position, and even easier to shoot at the location between the do not know.

Controlled dribble dribble when you feel most difficult to pass, they can not fast forward, or when you are ready to observe the ground situation, pass or shot, they should use controlled dribble. In the knee to waist high dribble. Knees peg-leg, lean forward, so that allows you to easily control the ball, but also easily and rapidly variable. Does not participate in Dribble the elbow flexion of the arm and should be stretched out to maintain a balance, but also prevent the opponent closer.

At you quickly dribble the ball quickly dashed when the front of course, a quick dribble. At this point the body should lean forward, shoot the ball a little forward and dribble height slightly higher, between the chest and waist. The body being the direction of movement, the eyes observe the audience.

Dribbling speed dribbling opponent defensive players can be used to break speed dribble (of course, can also be used to the sudden change or any other fake). In addition to changing the speed dribble dribble speed requirements, but also to change the dribble height. With a small stride near the opponent, and then suddenly accelerated (stride length also increased), and to dribble down to knee height position, fast break forward. Speed dribble need a lot of practice in order to effectively use
qq3808283682010-02-07 06:40:13 +0000 #3
Enhancing the ball of! ! Basics super important! ! ! ! ! Dribble to rely on hand fingertips, as Da-hand to increase the control surfaces with the ball! You can go to look up familiar with the ball of video, saying: practice makes perfect!
PHI_I32010-02-07 07:02:05 +0000 #4
see Iverson's Shiping
mengykb82010-02-07 06:45:37 +0000 #5
more trained to become, after 100 meters, when you are pitted together with the ball running, slowly on the proficiency of the



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