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Master to the amount of basketball.

qaz95872010-02-07 08:02:14 +0000 #1
Amount. When I suddenly break into sometimes how suddenly do not go at all? I and a center 1V1 him on anti-I step across his forehead surprise me how?
275,081,0152010-02-07 08:17:37 +0000 #2
tall pinch
allanBillups2010-02-07 08:08:23 +0000 #3
Akira him you could be a crossover or a few ah-step look at Iverson's video Hehe

ps: Multi-combat is a breakthrough multi-practice multi-Wang would like you to become China's Iverson
srxdmx1102010-02-07 09:07:34 +0000 #4
as far as possible for him to keep a certain distance, still unable to break the case to try Mesmerize

2 times turned around but it is preferable, or pull the ball around, do not take the initiative to break the proposed
32167xy2010-02-07 09:31:36 +0000 #5
not break, they recline jumper bar In any case, a step he is far away from you certainly can not cover you
OoLOVE Alexandra 々 oO2010-02-07 09:17:14 +0000 #6
change to the extraordinary will be it, more feint, over a person's very simple.
huangqi862010-02-07 10:51:16 +0000 #7
Do not rush to break through, we should combine science breakthroughs and shoot, because when the opponent's defensive ability is strong, the breakthroughs can not be normal, compared with nba and there are a master when faced with a number of defense experts, is a rogue. Multi feint found empty when opponents pay attention to opponent's center of gravity, and when he loses focus when you have the best chance.
Spring Wheat2010-02-07 11:29:48 +0000 #8
play there is love With feelings at the time,

feels good to play naturally smoother,

When faced with a typical center, of course, not hard protrusion, is responsible for will be covered.

To make use of their own footsteps, in the lane to each other with the speed of the pressure, -

dribbling frequently to do some action, do not reason too close to each other, the other side close to you, when a fierce acceleration of cross - each other, if the speed was not far behind the other side, you holding the ball in the basket in the fraud action,

made a foul!



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