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Street ball inside the chopping

yuntiansong1232010-02-07 09:01:03 +0000 #1
They obviously innate pull the ball out, can turn himself back

the total man can not find the ball confused
★ Apple_331 ★2010-02-07 09:16:54 +0000 #2
you say is the "Boomerang" right?

The main principle is the use of the wrist produce Flip the ball swing

specific approach: put the ball to the opponent's previous rejection to the release, when the ball just to get rid of the wrist when the wrist Flip back.'s That simple. Remember that the ball must be Flip to reach the highest point we can in order to achieve practical results.

it is the use of the principle of mechanical design of the air made of. The general objective is to maneuver a cross of wood impeller, but also clover, six leaves and pointy. Its leaves, like the wings of the aircraft, like the above is a streamline of the. The following is a plane. Such blades spin up when the air velocity on the bottom not the same. This will in turn his endeavors.

Throw when the vertical throws, to wrist axis, so that rotation up boomerang. Campaign swing marked the level of the track was like the first, followed by a slight upward tilt. As the standard itself, the speed of forward movement and self-rotating at different speeds, resulting in blowing leaves in the bottom two differences in the relative flow speed affects lift imbalance, so that the same swing was marked as the top circular orbital motion



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