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During the initial 175cm tall can play power forward ear do?

Basketball enthusiasts ah2010-02-07 11:01:03 +0000 #1
I do not play basketball no loud noise to! ! But my very good block bad there playing defense is not weak, but my response is not too sensitive because of my mistakes often caused by the other's offensive success Please also told me there are several effective ways of dribbling how increase the hit rate thanks! ! !
348,751,4012010-02-07 11:09:08 +0000 #2
for you to maintain the basic like dribbling, and his legs open, people squatting slightly, raised his right hand dribble left to sit at the same time protect the shape, this should be more training, and reaches You may not watching at the same time can be moved

175 of the sub-line of scoring also can be very comprehensive, the most basic shot dead out of practice I will not say

screens for playing well in place, but should pay attention to the problem - the other side The moment you came up screens for mobile is not as efficient, your feet turn you to a reasonable extent as the diameter of a cylinder, so the opening should be big feet and can not take the initiative to touch each other!

Inside of the offense in fact, many people feel is very important basketball fundamentals and good, but there are weight height, bone-Gunpa more in the inside of natural quasi-real-world experience that I think it is the problem

But it is easy to point to teach you the foundation is to ask the right-hand layup of skilled

you just around the central pin fixed after the feint to see the opposite where the defensive players to step or two steps taking advantage of the lay -



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