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Bryant Juesha history, how many times total? ? NBA history, the first few rows? ? We think he can re

Raymond Lord Returns2010-02-07 12:01:56 +0000 #1
Such as the title ---
▓ Jujue恋嗳℡2010-02-07 12:15:01 +0000 #2
hello -

I'll tell you ha -!

First come, some image data

www.56. com/u28/v_NDQ2NDk4MDk.html

Juesha star Kobe Bryant Classic Collection

- Bryant Juesha collection (there are many) BF% C6% B1% C8/shipin/list / % BF% C6% B1% C8% BE% F8% C9% B1% CA% D5% B2% D8 /

Bryant 07-09 years Juesha Classic Collection v_NDY4MzQyNDA.html

Juesha career hit rate of 21%

on the picture -! There is not much hair at once Baidu picture =% BF% C6% B1% C8% BE% F8% C9% B1% CD% BC% C6% AC & t = 3

followed by a detailed explanation of the information -! -! -!

1, January 19, 1998 Los Angeles Lakers VS Orlando Magic 92:89 fill in the go-ahead score two points and made two free throws at 0.8 seconds in

2, (time to be determined, on-line with video screen) Los Angeles Lakers VS Golden State 90: 89 Los Angeles Lakers against the Warriors, the Lakers one point behind the last time O'Neal free throw is not in the Bryant tipped in Juesha.

3,1999 years, May 9 the first round of the playoffs the first 5.3 seconds Lakers 101:100 Rockets first-round playoff opener at home against the Rockets, Bryant received a controversial foul, made two free throws were in the.

4,1999 years, December 27 Los Angeles Lakers VS Dallas 108:106 two games left in 21 seconds flat 106, Bryant made a foul break and made two free throws in

5,2000 2 13, Lakers 113:110 W Network Team (OT) Kobe Bryant one-third point of killing the Nets, so Marbury's 50 points to become 6,2000 years of wasted effort

May 10 Los Angeles Lakers VS Suns 97:96 (West semifinal) 2.5 seconds behind the one the Lakers 95 points more than 96 Bryant field goal

7,2000 years, June 14 Los Angeles Lakers VS Indiana 120:118 (Finals) 5.9 seconds flat 118, Bryant fill in Shaw's shot

8,2001 years, February 7 Los Angeles Lakers VS Suns 85:83 2.3 seconds, Bryant hit his head at the Marion 2 hours

9,2001 years, February 13 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers VS New Jersey Nets 113:110 third 4.8 seconds left in the game hit

10,2002 years VS Los Angeles Lakers January 2 Nuggets 87:86 the final 5.5 seconds, Bryant hit a jumper two minutes

11,2002 years, January 22 Los Angeles Lakers VS Hornets 96:94 go past Lynch, buzzer jumper two minutes

12,2002 years, May 12 Los Angeles Lakers VS Spurs 87:85 (West semi-finals) the last 5 seconds to grab offensive rebounds small fish thrown two points

13,2002 years, December 6 Los Angeles Lakers VS Dallas 105:103 jumper two minutes 8.4 seconds last hit to complete the fortunes have reversed

14,2003 years, April 4 Los Angeles Lakers VS Memphis Grizzlies 102:101 to 100:101 behind 3.3 seconds one point, buzzer jumper 15,2003

December 19-year Los Angeles Lakers VS Nuggets 101:99 2.3 seconds 99-ping, false moves Wander around a jumper by Barry buzzer

16,2004 years, March 21 Los Angeles Lakers VS Milwaukee 104:103 (plus time) 26 seconds behind the Lakers 102:103, faced with Van Horn 20-foot cast into two sub-
17,2004 years April 14 Los Angeles Lakers VS Portland Trail Blazers 105:104 (plus time) before the end of the fourth quarter out of balance in the case of cast pointer by the Cavaliers into overtime, and overtime decision to complete a second three minutes left to kill.

18,2005 years, March 13 Los Angeles Lakers VS Bobcats 117:116 final 0.9 seconds Bryant jumper two minutes after the fake shot

19,2005 years, November 2 Los Angeles Lakers VS Denver Nuggets 99:97 (plus pm) Brown grabbed the offensive rebounds to Bryant, the final 0.6 seconds shot hit

20,2006 years, January 12 Los Angeles Lakers VS Cleveland 99:97 8.4 seconds 97-ping, in the JAMES and large Z, cast in the two-point gap in the year April 30

21,2006 Japan Lakers VS Suns 98:97 (plus time) before the end of the fourth quarter two-point buzzer shot projectile into overtime, and overtime buzzer to vote in two minutes to complete the Juesha

22,2008 years, January 15 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers VS Sonics 123-121 overtime Juesha Sonic

23,2009 years, January 10 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers VS Indiana 121:119 free-throw line near the face of Jack's defensive line, stood up and thrown back jumper two minutes, the time fixed grid In the 3 seconds

do not know if there is seamless short these are basically all of the -! -! -

PS. Juesha Bryant just the three made the competition I do not miss the latest CCTV is also to get hold

want to help you -! -!
superman4102010-02-07 12:15:53 +0000 #3 # source = static_N61

I also like Kobe, the above link to a very good, I suggest you take a look!
-嗀paste Nocturne2010-02-07 12:32:31 +0000 #4
numerous. . . . . . A god. For those who like basketball, children, give their life.



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