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I am a boy 14 years old. Did not develop. Height 168CM. Weighs 49 kilograms. Best I can grow as tall

z866262222010-02-07 12:02:21 +0000 #1

Babyface ♀ Dream Ice2010-02-07 12:17:14 +0000 #2
If the quasi-one-third of the case, can be used at shooting guard.
Instant absorption without leakage2010-02-07 12:38:15 +0000 #3
Basketball pick the shelf behind the ball to go!
ysd25032010-02-07 12:50:56 +0000 #4
I am 14 years old than you are a high point, and now there are 17-year-old 176cm

you are an estimated 173-176cm maintained a good weight, but also re-focus on strengthening the physical confrontation, or someone else than you Zhuang came to play a direct anti-swingman SG / PG / SF
Mai灬Time2010-02-07 12:45:03 +0000 #5
I think your question kind of weird.
hami152010-02-07 12:42:42 +0000 #6
estimated rate of about 180 men to fight the deer-control-bit .....
2010-02-07 13:20:49 +0000 #7
Now kids can generally grow to 180 Bar

But a child a good idea to practice shooting, in age and has practiced on the poor

shot quasi - , and the future will be very powerful, at least I think that
zzx6120c2010-02-07 14:31:12 +0000 #8
to the 16-year-old should be able to grow to 180, but usually not just a campaign but also to maintain nutritional balance. I think playing power forward it, and so tall and to a certain extent playing the center, so more suitable for you.



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