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Three-step layup in Tips

qiushaokuan2010-02-07 14:01:46 +0000 #1
such as the three-step layup on the question how good?

Well, it would oiwake
dyl19903152010-02-07 14:05:07 +0000 #2
do not know what you said, believe it or not basketball talent. I think it is necessary to play basketball talent, and some people as long as half an hour will be able to grasp the basic essentials three-step layup to make it "textbook" type of action, and some people it takes 10 days, half a month, while the Some people even hit the ball a lifetime, but also can not make an easy, flowing movements layup.

Talk about footwork bar. If you have received formal training, should all be aware of such a Mnemonics, "a large, two small, three high jump." That three-step layup the first step to cross the big, the first step across the great principal and defensively in order to widen the distance between the players, when we are at the same time take-off time, the first step if the inter-large, who want to defend From the back cover to you, than you have to jump higher and farther. 2 small, that is a small step to cross over. Why should span limited? This is mainly for the "three-high jump" to prepare. Practiced the triple jump of the people know that the second step across the small, the third step in order to fly far. In fact, this is a process of power accumulation and want to own a powerful punching, of course, must first recover my fists. Three high jump, is that the third step to jump high? In actual fact, the third step is just one aspect of the high jump, but also jump far. The high jump was also related to your shot point, shot-point high, it is not easy opponent blocks (the Ministry of the relationship between hand movements, do the following explanation). Jump far is to further widen and put all the physical distance between the players. Then talk about the hand movements. No more than on sub-hand movements with both hands and one hand, pick, push, hook, cast, and buckle, shot high and low points. With one hand and the hands are easy to understand, push button of the movements are simple, not much said here. To raise a point deduction of the action, pay attention to the high jump, the hand to stretch high, simply means that time can not be old in order to dunk baskets as the goal, the eyes look high, people can jump higher. Hook and pick movements flexible. Basketball is a round sphere, we must learn how to use hook and pick from a different angle rotation basketball, and master brush plates, baskets angle and intensity can improve the success rate of scoring. Is mainly the ball should always pay more attention to sexual practice, imagine a variety of pick and hook movements, heart to feel the intensity, when the ball is in the hands of time, practice as much as possible to "think about where the realm of what should carry." Shot high and low points, from the perspective of action, of course, the higher the better of. When the defensive player of the race than you are short stature, if you do not bounce when the high jump and high shot points can reflect a player's despot. But when the defensive player of the opposite or the movement distortion, it should learn a low shot early shot. Shot-point is low, generally when the deformation occurred in the action, it is easy to cover, into the non-goal of all will depend on luck. Most people jump from the three-step layup shot only after the highest point, and the use of reverse thinking in three-step layup in the process (for example, the first two steps, or take-off has not reached its highest point) put the ball thrown to often get the effect of surprise, which is shot back. Although the action is not domineering early shot, but because of its unreal, strange, so make defenders off guard. If the actions are aligned, there are some easy, elegant sense of Kazakhstan. Petty, often there are major principles. With a little reflection - Basketball In fact, much above the Youziyouwei

I think the three-step layup main task is to coordinate their bodies, careful to take the layup rhythm is the key. Essentials are: a step, Second step is small, three-step jump. There is the final step in the basket when the body was going to open up.
Dream foreseen2010-02-07 14:19:49 +0000 #3
essentials is the first step is to break each other's major purpose is easy to step smaller purpose is to help to take off

Which hand layup on the first leg of a step which should be a sudden break
Blue's bleak2010-02-07 14:17:01 +0000 #4
is mainly rhythm, usually starting left foot first step, the jump when there is a sense of endurance, and then dial out to the ball with spin. Novice, then the best allocation of the ball, the pace of separate training, and find their own rhythm
K_ despair m2010-02-07 14:16:00 +0000 #5
Do not walk

run quickly. .
zacybb2010-02-07 14:30:43 +0000 #6
Although called three-step layup, but there are only two steps and a half to the second step, after leaps shot

started dribbling, shot the ball shall not be lifted before the center pin.
----- Pass or shoot, players can jump hub feet, but the ball kicked Before that he was not shot down the surface.

In actual combat, assuming his left foot as the Central feet, we can choose

1, only raised his right foot, then put down. The state has not changed.

2 feet at the same time jump, "shot before the ball can not fall back on the ground either foot"

3, with translation side jump. For example, I jump in order to dodge to the right side - left foot first, from the ground, after his right foot from the ground, and then either

kick out the ball before landing. Can also be the first step the right foot one step forward or turn right at the jump. (Actual combat are often foul is often because

team in a hurry, not a step by step, but "jump" a step)

4, only raised his left foot, left foot down before the ball (pass or shoot). Throughout the entire process did not lift his right foot.

More than 1-4 more extreme, but in terms of the rules is reasonable. Of which 4 occur only rarely because they can not benefit from.

The following three steps for the layup, as the decomposition of movement, to his left foot take-off, for example:

The first step a foot on the ground (in the right foot vacant)

b Korfball

c left vacant (in this case b, c can be used interchangeably)

step d the right foot landing (which is the central pin.)

e left foot and then fall (in this case is that I want to express, see note 3) The third step f

g lifted his right foot left foot vacant

h out of the ball


1, a, the three-step layup does not fall from the feet all the state of the beginning are basically walking

2, the first step, left foot left foot landing can also jump on the like the triple jump the first step. Then of course, fall is the hub of the left foot

feet. Behind the rules does not affect any action. (Such as white chocolate in the game've done

and hand movements of people with Akira)

3, if d and e vacated the middle (ie, before the right foot from the ground, his left leg in the fall), does not comply with the rules a.

A detailed explanation:

d, when his right foot has become the hub legs, then his right foot is from the central feet off the ground. In the case of feet off the ground, any

one foot must be out of the ball before landing. (Where there are just an example, the text edition 514, that is the case. Thanks

ravaged provided so exaggerated version of the Hehe. Real, everyone more or less three-step layup in the second step

vacated, action no exaggeration also passed. After all, the rules can not be Sikou. but we have to understand this principle Caixing)

But if d and e among non-vacant, that is, feet are landing and then "f" - raised his right foot (center pin ) step forward,

then would not need a ball. And our "lemma" the same. (In this example is the so-called "slow three-step" the.

A lot of people think that slow walk three steps without a coherent operator. In fact, before the ball as long as the co-movement and continuity, then Korfball no later

and then slowly, but rather is a well in line with the rules)


1, if d and e are synchronous, that is, landing both feet at the same time, that is normal to say "hop."

When your feet are not shifting (that is, the rules of "feet are not acceptable as the central feet") can only be lifted.

Raised the same circumstances and the lemma. Of course, how long you can stand there casually.

2, if by e end, there is no back fgh. It is a normal two-stage emergency stop.

The right foot as the hub legs, his left foot can be an arbitrary translation. And the usual stop is no different.
Decided to love the decision2010-02-07 16:52:27 +0000 #7
fast. Quasi. Ruthless. In this way!
CraigHorner2010-02-07 17:37:08 +0000 #8
step across the small, the third step in order to fly far
Huai workers Sundance Kid2010-02-07 15:01:16 +0000 #9
sense of rhythm to do it slowly practiced
▓ Jujue恋嗳℡2010-02-07 18:03:44 +0000 #10

Ok .. I tell you. . .

Remember to look carefully over their own mentality and training there is sure to maintain the best condition

the mentality of playing basketball is not to feel that they will maintain the mistakes will be well

let your body think that this is a comprehensive open to express themselves to express themselves, when the value of

(in fact, is his own greatest enemy, fear to hold his mind,)

layup to explain -! -! -!

The road between the single-handed shot

Action Methods: The right-handed shooting, for example, when the right foot forward in the ball, and then quickly jump on the left foot, right leg, knees swarmed at the same time give the ball to the head on the right , vacated, upper body Yang later, when the body jump to the highest point, the right arm straight, with wrist and finger flexion strength of the ball cast a

action points: a cross-big catch in prison, two small steps across force jump, the three wrist turn prop up the ball to move the ball high and 4 to refer to a soft wrist force Qiao.

Road between the single-handed underhand shot

Action Method: running, footwork and moving the basket with one hand between the shoulder shot is basically the same, only after the second step the ball should continue to increase speed, move the top of the take-off and vacate the time short. Shooting a finger fingers naturally separated from the lower part of care the ball, palms facing up, arms extended upward, close to the basket when the finger on the pick moves the ball forward spin toward the basket

Action points: The second step firmly placed to the front of the jump, shot before the shoot with one hand to maintain the stability of a low hand toss with a mean strength of the ball forward picked wrist spin cast.

Practice makes perfect! Refueling ah!

Would let you come to have a video extraordinary breakthrough in disguise

The above video did not poison is excellent

this is also cool can be really good -
, although the amount of China

give you a touch more difficult to practice dribbling the

this video is to suggest that you Basketball Dribble was trained in a time when familiar - again practice

Tiger flutter networks are not poisonous ---- China's first basketball Web site (looks like yes)

The next is also a number of related videos

v.youku. com / v_show / id_XMzcwMDAzODQ =. html? full = true

see what will, and skilled, and you have a particularly excellent cattle B cool, um, I encountered in fine ah! ! !
Zhu Du column grudge2010-02-07 15:57:40 +0000 #11
leg position by saying that trying to hit the ball well is not so easy to break down my whole body movements about the pace of gestures gist

a sophomore primary three-hop

taken the first step must be guaranteed before the The layup enough space and passing through space and dribble too much space outside the ball dribble pass bad luck did not break up even more difficult to defend because the opponent is only the first step in a direction

Pirates of the large bell which is based on lightning Doraemon trend defensive blockade pull away from the possibility of raising goals

The second step is to make you a small reserve force will not keep up with too much blood circulation is not high jump easily be someone else blocked

The third step jump This is not much to say as long as possible the high jump

retaining arm posture to send the ball picked the ball the ball

the first step in protecting the ball while taking the first step to be able to guarantee the safety of his right hand holds the ball the ball inward and left chest (or stomach) to form a triangular-point support posture ball hold the ball (varies) palm fingers hold the ball and horizontal lines separate the rapidly cut into

The second step taken the step to send the ball headed in opposite directions at the same time in the opponent's side prop up the ball on the way to prevent cap

Part III picked the ball jump to the highest point when the arm slightly oblique angle as small as possible points of 60-degree angle with the best arm of the forces to bring the ball up the choice of end-result of movement

In the break before the stadium watching the defensive state and for his teammates to break if you can not pass

the first step in breaking strength of a smaller defender and defensive options to your staff, when exposed empty when the best opportunity for a breakthrough if he does not pass the end-result is the best time in a throw off opponent then used the back defensive position blocking the opponents of this on her own Pindao not it say

Step small step in fact equivalent to a small step in cushion and the opportunity to make a first step across small step errors have to judge when the defense force too strong or weak pass defense on the choice of a take-off because of the location of your Zuishuang a breakthrough in the first step is to throw off the opponent goal so layup location will not be too good to be a small adjustment to that position after the take-off inter-

The third step is to protect the body weight should not obstinately layup on a pass can not be said

1000 10000 I hope you still have to practice to practice their own practice so as not to waste the 150 points of the Hehe
zero 20102010-02-07 19:50:01 +0000 #12
1 large (first step is to big) 2 small (the second step to adjust, so small steps) 3 High (the third step should be firmly placed, the high jump)
pschly2010-02-07 18:12:28 +0000 #13
summing up the three, a second year primary three up, first big step to go up a small third cloth, movements to stretch, arms should be straight.
1132711284wyes2010-02-07 15:12:36 +0000 #14
Overall, this and your speed. power. coordination and flexibility, comprehensive personal qualities related to, the person varies, we need to practice more.

STOP jumper: dribbling, feign breakthrough that could change to the left, or a fast-break to force a certain direction, of course, this is false, when the fast-moving opponent to follow you, you have to get the ball back quickly in the opposite direction , when your opponent's center of gravity will be bypassing, you can jump shot, and need your speed. brawn, and waist strength.

Jump-step layup: This requires three steps the foundation of the basket, the key is to skip steps, you can jump in the first step, you can also jump in the second step, the main defensive players see your location and help defend the case, basketball, many other actions are is forced out, especially the basket, playing more on the felt, is not it! Ha ha! Personally think that the gist is the ball break dancing steps (for right-handed, for example), start at the foot forward, while at the same time put his arm round his right hand holding the ball round the ball and the defensive players in their top draw one arc, require quick there is strength, strength will feel great feel good friends call to look at the wind feeling.

Three-step layup: Basketball's basic action, which is step two-stage lay-up shot myself!

Mainly in 3vs3 or 4vs4 match more practice skills, play like a fun, action is dead, people are living, and personally think that the changes of direction and turned to be useful. Refueling another! We are all exploring learning, Ha ha!

First of all is that you have to cross the border

STOP dribble jump shot is completely dribbling, stopping, take-off is a combination of a coherent sense of movement

three-step layup layup from the side into the 3-point line one-step (see step size) heart meditation 1,2 2, when the board with the effort to point in the TangThe highest point blank shot to play board into the frame

jump-step layup I think it could be a three-step on no problem -

Remember dribble must be trustworthy is the rhythm

lot of practice and then hope to succeed to make a beautiful gesture to!



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