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Accurate method for three-point play

xa0824837312010-02-07 14:01:58 +0000 #1
how to vote one-third more accurate
do not know Do not blow2010-02-07 14:14:40 +0000 #2
so, and you come! nba history, two-thirds vote should be the most accurate bird Bird and Reggie Miller, and their two-thirds are out of hard practice! My one-third in our school is not bad, I always look for the bedroom and I go with the golf course, fixed-living a hand-type, do not worry about posture or wrongly, they are most comfortable like, in my line of two-thirds corner, two 45-degree, the middle five points, to vote 100 per day for each point of the ball, let me Tong Qin Jian Qiu. Hand lies in the practice, one day you do not vote it will be down! And not to pressure, a lot of people are not allowed to cast one-third of that white line is to be confused, do not think that line will not be nervous. A good pitcher should not be only two-thirds vote, in fact, two-thirds the number of no more than two hours long, without special efforts to increase the shooting. Like normal!
conan2007lulu2010-02-07 14:07:43 +0000 #3
vote aimed at the basket after the canopy would be better.

However, the methods are not always linked to the fast to the good.
672,085,0172010-02-07 15:23:28 +0000 #4
more practice
b9196332052010-02-07 15:02:24 +0000 #5
l_ove丶YoonA2010-02-07 14:37:13 +0000 #6
Exercise Ball feel is most important is to pay more practice shooting are practicing out of



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