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Jordan successor Anfenniha Hardaway

Lu Wei All2010-02-07 14:02:21 +0000 #1
This seems to be a successor to Michael Jordan to introduce the next major achievement of his? I remember also and O'Neill partner too, how now? Did not it?
super McGrady2010-02-07 14:05:05 +0000 #2
Kobe Bryant before the appearance of the people only know that the Orlando Magic have a pair of gold Portfolio: Shaquille O'Neal and Penny Hardaway. Hardaway has been known as Jordan's successor. However, due to injury, his premature disappeared.

Participated in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games basketball competition, won the gold medal

selected for the 1993-94 season, the "Best Rookie Team"; in the "Rookie of the Year" Award, was the first 2

participated in the 1994 All-Star Game, "Cycle", to be Competition highest score 22 points, and won the "Most Valuable Player" title and 1993 first-round No. 3 overall selection Braves, then was traded to Orlando, August 5, 1999 before being traded to the Phoenix Suns.

Consecutive four-time All-Star Game (1995-98); twice named the best team first team (1994-95,1995-96), a team third best team (1996-97); rookie named Rookie Season the best team the first team, took part in the Rookie All-Star game and was MVP; 1995 Nian 11 Player of the Month; Dream Team members; shot eight times in his career triple-double.

Penny Hardaway with his fast-pitch run, brave steals, timely shooting and leadership style to be a personnel director of the Orlando Magic约翰加里伯尔of all ages. In 1993, with their top pick in the draft picks in exchange for Chris Webber Golden State Warriors as young as 20-year-old Hou Weiha David. 1993-1994 season, entering the NBA, Hardaway outstanding performance on their own to prove their value: averaged 16 points, helping power 6.6 times, grabbed 5.4 rebounds, steals is at least twice. And the rate of the young Magic team into the playoffs for the first time. Made a dramatic regular season record of 50 wins. 1994-1995 season, Hardaway has been identified as the future of the greatest NBA guard. People to guard his body and the technical characteristics and the talent he was with the "Magic" Johnson in comparison, but he really unusual is that his ability to dunk and long shot. He had given a note by Pake Li cue dunks lovely planning people. This season, Hardaway has scored another to help the NBA Finals, so that people with admiration, but the young players of the Orlando Magic finally due to lack of experience with 0:4 loss to the Houston Rockets, with the NBA missed the overall crown. As the 1996-1997 season, O'Neal's move to make the current independent support Hardaway Orlando Magic. By virtue of his outstanding basketball talent, it is believed he will, and his team with NBA championship round of his dreams.

In the university, An Fenni. Hardaway basketball talent on the expose published in the Memphis Tigers, who played only two seasons, he led the team 92-93 on the season, broke into the NCAA quarterfinals. He can in a single season, averaging 22.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, 6.4 assists, 2.5 steals and 1.3 blocks times, how gorgeous technical statistics ah, comprehensive people amazed. Even today, he wore jersey # 25 is still high hanging in the arena where the University of Memphis.

Entering the NBA, An Fenni. Hardaway was traded to the Orlando Magic, wearing his No. 1 jersey in the first season starting all 82 games, no rookie to have such generous treatment. Standing beside sharks, but without losing edge, the All-Star Rookie game MVP is the best proof of this. Penny became the name of the people talked about. In the following 94-95 season, the Magic team full bloom, An Fenni. Hardaway will also be their all-round fullest displayed in front of the fans. 2 meters tall and 01 did not affect him the soul of the organization of the Magic backcourt, break, jumpers, air relay are alone, the regular season of the hit rate of 51.2%, averaging 20.9 points, 4.4 rebounds, 7.2 assists, All-Star Team and the NBA's best team, nothing like a second-year performance. Those who have seen him play, without exception, the level of his all-around impressed: the same knife-line jumper as the opponent's chest; pass like Magic Johnson-like fantasy, and the sharks frequent an alley-oop of the good play; dunk is The despot has reached the Shitailichen. After the playoffs, An Fenni. Hardaway and shark together, has the Celtics, Bulls, Pacers triumph over horses under the Finals. Magic had a team that just six years, so record, An Fenni. Hardaway contributed. While the NBA Finals was Hakeem Olajuwon led the Rockets defeated, but An Fenni. Hardaway's name started with Jordan linked together. 】

【Injury history of the successor to Jordan because of injuries began to gradually away from the people's attention.

96-97 season, the shark walk in Los Angeles, An Fenni. Hardaway alone Tiaoda Liang. As he puffed up with pride to be a big go at the time, severe left knee pain for the first time he lay down on the operating table, takes about 4 weeks of recovery, without An Fenni. Hardaway, Orlando steadily lost, quick success of the high-level teams in 20 days time let Hardaway return to the game can be just a game, Hardaway has collapsed. Although in that year, An Fenni. Hardaway in the playoffs, averaging 31.0 points in just below Jordan's 31.1 points, but as often as Tiger around his left knee disease, swallowing the penny has just entered the peak of career.

98-99 of the shrinking season, even though it Shiha Hardaway as the league only a handful of games were 15 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, two steals or more players, Orlando, people are still abandoned him. He came to shelter the sun, it is hoped that he would join hands with the composition of super-Kidd backcourt, from injuries Hardaway also looking forward to Nirvana Phoenix reborn. However, non-human things like, the first round of the playoffs with the Spurs game, Hardaway in a slam dunk with the other center David Robinson, collided with a serious left knee ligament tear, a direct result of the 00-01 season and played only 4 games. Sun has also bid farewell to the Kidd in 2001 in exchange for Stephon Marbury to the team rebuilding, age, getting big and Hardaway injury-ridden team gradually lost its main location, this lonely genius of a generation. Then, Hardaway went to Phoenix, where he is still a substitute, but the experience is Hardaway's wealth, and its defense is still so, like James, Anthony, the younger generation tasted so bitter. But with coach Larry Brown to join the team began to younger, no longer then 18 pence as well versed in martial arts, magic, 1, and old penny now as partners with the bench. Back to the magic, but it is the vicissitudes of the times. Injury swallowed his basketball talent, swallowed his dream, he swallowed everything. Once all-powerful magic 1, is now is the injury-ridden.


After two years of waiting, he finally had to return to NBA, which he began to dream of a place, in order to be able to come back, he accepted left knee surgery to remove bone spurs, so that he could in the absence of pain The circumstances Paowei and bouncing ... ... I can also dunk a! ! This is his concern for its own in this 36-year-old declaration of all the fans - I'll be back!

However, once again, and his fate was a joke, on the Bobcats ready to sign him, but a sudden volte-face in! In this way, he also lost the opportunity to enter the NBA, God, Is it for a basketball genius for coming home so difficult? Fortunately! O'Neill remembered him, and Miami's legendary coach, Pakelaili remembered him, he would like to thank the Bulls and Toronto Raptors, the former by 4 to 0 to sweep to exposed the team's injuries and the senile, the latter then dig up the team's third king, kapolo. Makes you want to Zhezhi champions eager to introduce foreign aid to fill the whole team, so they chose to be forgotten that the pence, Paclet veteran was out of the use of the name, so we are also looking forward to Hardaway and O'Neal This combination of gold have been able to reassert divinity!

Pence with the sharks, ten years wind and rain, and then brought together it is old age, and he did not use 1, and put on the Heat's No. 7 jersey, because he knows that he is no longer No. 1, Hardaway, and he also know the shark's side, but also his standing as one and then the lightning --- Wade, he was aware of their position, but also aware of their task, block bad, cover, complement defense, as well as his least good at rebounding , but only few of his best at the year's score, because the glory is no longer belonged to him, but he is still passing skill, he can still tie with the sharks out of the year with Magic Johnson, after watching both lovely planning of the passing, perhaps he wanted to end his basketball career ago, owning one of their own championship rings it, but Dwyane Wade's absence makes the Hardaway had plenty of early season, a team-high 40 percent hit rate of one-third of and can not stop the team's successive defeat, the team's management can no longer stand it anymore, and they Luke - Jackson to release the players a unique space laid off may choose to abandon the Hardaway, because he and the team did not protection of a contract to sign.

He was with the Suns to be notified before the race was fired, and he was only faint, said: "My strength is growing, and this season, Miami did not start well. I very much would like to inspire my teammates, and in the training were to give them help, but this is the business decision, I do not care about. "
" I do not understand what he worked so hard, but get the results now. "All-Star guard Dwyane Wade said.

"If we are now 15 wins and 6 losses, I will not do such a transaction." Pat Riley - so the end of Penny Hardaway's NBA career.

Had been hailed as the next century superstars, but now the outcome was actually to be cut and the end can not help but lament: Sri Lanka when the person has to go to heaven and earth is also empty ... ... ... ... / player.php? id = 1274
431223198610122010-02-07 14:26:21 +0000 #3
also known as the man touched on the broken glass



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