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Winter basketball practice methods

a3461346792010-02-07 15:01:15 +0000 #1
My left hand dribble very poor, with his left hand when the break is very awkward, so in actual combat can only use his right hand break in the winter where I want to improve what the left-hand dribble, but also further enhance the look wrist force, arm strength, jumping ability and so on, please help to develop a training program for 20 days (for minors)
360,586,0462010-02-07 15:10:32 +0000 #2
good - in fact very simple breakthrough depended on the coordination of left-handed and long-term ball Training - For example, do not touch the ball at his waist to switch to hand-delivered in hand crotch - I believe not take 20 days to find the door of the! I am not trained to rely on equipment brawn said -! Arm strength push-ups are not sufficient to meet the other day, the actual jump rope and then Mogao absolutely useful! ! I am tall and 18.1 I had absolutely intangible basket was at university with 20 minutes a day on the practice jump using the above method reaches the final in-situ can jump off a finger belly - depends on human effort refueling bar --- I wish you every success
a03059992010-02-07 15:19:21 +0000 #3
I am also a right-handed player. Ability of the left hand is not good, but I recommend you have a method, that is up and persist in using the left hand brush your teeth every day. Lot of training left-hand coordination.

In fact, the left hand slowly up the capacity for coordination and strength, then you will not feel awkward in. We usually feel awkward playing mostly not do the strength and coordination. You think about it you usually put emphasis on what is certainly his right hand and left-handed right-handed power than many larger. This is a long and arduous, the process could not look like them. As long as you usually pay more attention to exercise his left hand like a long time, certainly, and lot of attention to your left hand bar.

As for the strength of your upper body strength and lower extremities, or push-ups on the adoption of dumbbells to strengthen the lower limb is weight-bearing squat endurance and stamina, if practiced on a multiple number of squat lightly. If it is explosive, then a little less weight on the squat group was mainly re-point number. !

Take your time going to succeed Oh!



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