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NBA players and referees on the number of exactly how the provisions of?

suiningliu2010-01-16 00:24:15 +0000 #1

zfjsdc2010-01-16 00:28:41 +0000 #2
FIBA Technical Committee set a team must use 4-15 numbers. Why should such a requirement? Competition, when the team fouls, the referee gestures to the record sets that use foul number of players, to award the team free-throw violations, it is necessary to point out two fingers free-throw line; team free-throw line in the basket or pitch in the basket, the referees would also like to record that sets out one, two or three fingers, said that the number of scores; team offense three seconds, the referee should extend three fingers point to restricted areas. Member number in order to avoid confusion with the mark, in order to make the record more clearly sets record, in order to play smoothly, rules, to participate in basketball players should not wear jersey No. 1,2,3, nor wear the number Number too large jerseys. Because digit number is too large, not easy to spot by the referee to make that gesture to the records of Taiwan. But the NBA in this regard as much more lenient, which provides the number range is 1-55. Therefore, only 23 of the "Michael" Jordan, 50 of the "Admiral" Robinson, 1 of the "Penny" Hardaway, T-MAC, 3 of the "answer" Iverson. If a player you want to use a special number, need to NBA headquarters. For example before the bull's "old sheikh," Parish will use the "00" number, while Rodman was used 91, 73.

Referee in the NBA also has a unified management standards, in law enforcement in the process of course has its own number. Referee behind the numbers is to facilitate the management and identification, but also the concept of hierarchy, that is, the smaller numbers, the relatively higher level of law enforcement. NBA, there was a saying that if the numbers add up to three referees back more than 100, then it should be very careful.
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