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Shuang Shouzhua dunk basket can do?

liao1989182010-02-07 16:01:29 +0000 #1
My hands to catch baskets, but not the standard 3.05M high, is slightly at the end of that, why not enter it each time button is always in the basket shelf pop-up, is there any expert to help pointing the next technology? I am tall and 182
▓ Jujue恋嗳℡2010-02-07 16:07:13 +0000 #2
hello -

You have to be thought they bounce more, click to see

there is Detailed training bounce

but a little practice you are under no problem -

I am referring to the next -

General dunk approach -

45 ° dribble left to do three-step layup. just brought about, to adjust the pace is good, in the 3 seconds inner edge take-off, there is a fly in the air, so as to give upper limbs to allow adequate space to display their actions. dunking the key to come, when the 20cm away from the ring, his eyes fixed on the trailing edge of ring, single-hand force to pound the ball down the trailing edge of ring, be sure to press the wrist, there is in the ball into the blue circles, the feeling, and then quickly hand reversible, and to avoid injury. best not to one-handed grab ring. landing we must pay attention to maintaining a balance.

your wrist, do not start the experiment when the special force, as long as the ball into the basket you can master the essentials after a good move, they are free to fly deducted.

No matter how you take off all does not matter, as long as you jump high enough. dunk is mainly to master the technical movement. with one hand are able to seize the ball all right. as long as the feel good, the ball felt like a stick in the hands of the same.

other promotions a performance-style buckle France, in the third line is about being the basket to calculate a good pace (usually in the right hand, for example, left a little before 1:00 in the right foot, right foot, first-out start time, and then to a three-step, precisely the left foot take-off), first hit the ball enough gas will certainly be able to bomb high enough because as the ball moves with the shot toward the basket, there must be curved, preferably so that the inner ball in three seconds between the Department and the basket the location of landing, pop-up best after the height of the basket on the 10cm or so, people go with the ball, master the time difference, after the jump with one hand on the ball in the basket Hold, forced into the basket where a hit!! !

it was great! ---

hope - help you -!
aeolussky2010-02-07 16:50:41 +0000 #3
182 grasping basket a little bit, but jumping is no problem grasping basket dunk just is not enough I could easily grasp 186 dunk basket basket for at least more than one hand you want to get into the bar to buckle so many jump bar to strengthen other a number of relatively simple one-handed dunk with both hands, then have to bounce a little better
a39201312010-02-07 17:22:14 +0000 #4
If the height-for-one-handed dunk on the button bar can increase the points to be high, but one-handed dunk the ball with one hand to catch solid bounce height of

182 is absolutely good be able to buckle啦envied Louzhu height I would like to grow up to 182
Bruce_Kwok16662010-02-07 16:55:37 +0000 #5
you jump at least be better than the basket when the ball no matter how high a ball can be a bit, the simplest is to find a new low point in basket
days ai Nga2010-02-07 18:09:08 +0000 #6
182 to grasp the basket promising and thought they bounce and hand co-ordination, I believe you can succeed, refueling!
Long Ge children 1232010-02-07 16:23:18 +0000 #7
would like to dunk hand beyond the blue box at least three-quarters of the palm, there is also the best take-off when a certain distance away from the blue box, so that could be more stretch, but the bounce is still the most important.
Vase x2010-02-07 17:38:33 +0000 #8
Shuang Shouzhua baskets may not be able to buckle, you can try first-hand dunk, dunk the basket at least more than one hand. Hello formidable 182 cm can be Shuang Shouzhua baskets, I am 190 centimeters to 315 can only be a single clutch cm of the basket.



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