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Urgent! Star boots -! ! !

dzcwbd142010-02-07 18:01:15 +0000 #1
I am anxious to buy pairs of basketball shoes, there are now about three pairs of

1 James, 6 on behalf of the


3 Duncan, Tracy McGrady 8 on behalf of the boots

please help, help me recommend the use of

Please look at pair of relatively detailed description of -! ! ! Thank you -! An additional 100 points!
iIMPULSEi2010-02-07 18:06:23 +0000 #2
I wore 20 yuan a pair of white shoes still be properly played.
475,847,9462010-02-07 18:07:27 +0000 #3
international spotlight on the new Nike Zoom LeBron series will be November 14 debut /

Nike Zoom LeBron VI the perfect combination of performance and Fashion appearance, with strong and durable, the concepts of R & D strength and comfort. Tongue inside LeBron James to a basketball full of love letters, manuscripts, showing LeBron James of basketball ever-burning passion, a life of continuous progress and attitudes. Easy to wear open shoes off a wide collar, full-foot comfort of the fit. Shoe collar with graffiti logo Cleveland Cavaliers Classic white black and red color, highlights LeBron's motto: passion, family, victory, without fear, dreams. The use of light, with the natural movement of the outer end of the whole foot with Zoom Air heel cushion and a double Zoom Air cushion, so that when the players are the perfect jumping the protection of exclusive shoes for LeBron James in successive lightest shoes; use of carbon fiber heel pads provide excellent stability, the side with breathable leather tongue, and suitable for basketball in the transfer of dual-density Phylon midsole will be designed to achieve maximum shock effect. When the speed of the event power, Zoom LeBron VI is designed for the pursuit of excellence, both speed and strength design of LeBron James all-around shoes

1, lightweight outsole with the natural movement

2, full charge of Zoom Air. Followed by a double-zoom air

3, the side stability of the pad skin

4, breathable tongue to 5, with a traditional lace within the system boots

6, the former prime upper palm with increased lateral support of

7, using followed by the installation of carbon fiber to provide stability to 8, with TPU side support of the huge increase Swoosh

85598510282010-02-07 19:07:45 +0000 #4
Personal favorite James Series! But the Flyers out more and better! Nike James is now to invest in what you know! Needless to say it is a natural science and technology! Many of the latest technology are used in the above! Recommended Zhan 6



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