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Basketball development of the project status

holmes19902010-02-07 18:01:30 +0000 #1
is the same paper a brief account of Chinese and foreign basketball development status quo just fine. Words to 1200, thank you
goubihou2010-02-07 18:12:54 +0000 #2
1891 Nian early 12 Springfield, Massachusetts, USA City YMCA International Training School (later Springfield College), from the school physical education teacher James Naismith invented basketball rules then only 13, Dr. Naismith in 1939, died aged 78. He had not expected that he went so far as to create a basketball spread in the market with more than 200 countries, and so far the United States basketball is also known around the world. To commemorate Dr. Naismith invented basketball achievements, in the Springfield College campus built the United States Basketball Hall of Fame - James Naismith Memorial Hall.

At first, the Naismith nailed two peach baskets in other key body in the room grandstand railing, peach basket on the ground along the distance of 3.04 meters, using football as competition tools, throwing to the basket. Pitch into the basket is worth 1 point, by what score decide. Each pitch into the basket after the ball out to Pa Tizi again start the race. Gradually after the end of the basket into the living iron basket, and then replaced by hoop nets hanging below.

The future development of the new trend will continue towards the "high", "fast", "full", "quasi", "full" and "women's basketball men" of technical and tactical application of skills-oriented direction.

The contemporary trend of basketball:

Since the mid-80s, as the world's professional basketball teams to participate in the Olympic Games, the promotion of world basketball have entered a new innovation and development, reaching a new stage of art-oriented. In Barcelona 1992 25th Olympic Games in the U.S. basketball "Dream Team" of the wonderful performance, showing the overall content and structure of basketball and outstanding sports teams integrated intelligence, skills, abilities structure has undergone a qualitative change. The future development of a new trend continues toward the "high", "fast", "full", "quasi", "change" the meaning will be more innovative, will be integrated with each other. To make people feel less and less basketball court competitions; competition more and more time is short, basket rack getting lower and lower; ring Yuejue larger; course change faster and faster; offensive and defensive players closer physical contact ; scores getting higher and higher; women and men against the form of more and more difficult to separate the new trend.

A, "high" novelty

basketball campaign, "high", Time has given its new, "high" connotation and extension of new changes have occurred. First, the world teams generally value the team's overall average height of the body growth. The United States, the world's best team in the tall players in the 25th Olympic Games, will be able incredible jumping ability, agility run, as well as unparalleled mobile technology and skills and into one, displaying wonderful performances, has become the contemporary world of basketball tall players in a model. Second, with the emergence of a large number of tall players, high-altitude battle more prominent, whether the accounting system had plenty of advantages, has become an important indicator to measure the level of force, so innovation and a variety of three-dimensional type of tactical coordination method to add the world's basketball a lot of new content.

2, "fast" an extension of the

Basketball Rules attack a limited time, an attack must be completed within 30s. World Basketball strengthen "fast" consciousness, creating a comprehensive "fast" wave. The future trends are likely to still want to attack the time limit to be shorter, which would give basketball made faster, and further the formation of a variety of rapid technological and tactical methods.

First, continue to speed up the attack speed, take the initiative to gain time, increase the number of attacks; second, continued to emphasis on improving offense and defense conversion speed; and third, continue to improve the use of techniques and tactics between the convergence rate, tactical pace of change speeding up the transformation, will be to the modern extension of basketball to a higher level.

3, "quasi" development

Today, the basketball competition of the high points score of the features are: first, to focus on 3-pointers to continue to improve the accuracy of the shot; second master offensive and defensive techniques, the use of offensive and defensive technology and changes in improve the accuracy. Third, the tactical coordination in time and space, on the ground to improve the access and accuracy.

4, "the whole evolution of

modern basketball right" all "requirements are:

First, the overall quality of the athletes.

Second, the emphasis on comprehensive quality level, mold themselves into a comprehensive and expertise to the team.

Third, the right coaches for, we must attach great importance to and has a good scientific way so that athletes of many factors over the development and full use of talent, and reflects the full talent and coaches comprehensive level.

can be seen that the future in order to become a world teams must have the following conditions:

First, complete the membership in the quantity and quality of tall players.

Second, the special tall center of the quantity and quality of players, give each other a threat to force and combat attack.

Third, with full type star players to the core organizational skills to master trick.

fourth, individuals and the whole team to do battle speed, and rhythm. should use the tactics of the concise nature of contingency awareness, intelligence and ability and level of fully mechanized.

Fifth, the individual and the team has a unique sense of style and the overall defensive special skill.

6th, coaches smart structures of high-level and scientific training, management of a combination of high levels of

to 1893, the formation of similar modern rebounds, ring, and the Nets. the first basketball game, the number of people playing, the venue size, race time, no strictly limited. simply the number of parties competing must be equal. start of the race, both sides stood at both ends of each line of players, the referee whistle and throw the ball the middle course, both sides ran to the venue challenge for the ball, start the race. ball holding the ball and ran toward the basket can shoot , first of all to meet the preset score the winner. In 1892, Naismith formulated 13 rules of the game, the main provisions are not allowed to ball running, is not allowed to rough action, are not allowed to use boxing ball, otherwise they foul fouls three consecutive sentenced to a negative 1 point; contest time provisions, the second half, each 15 minutes; right size space is also provided. playing games and gradually reduce the number of 10 persons per team, 9, 7, 1893, as each team played five person. 1904 Olympic Games in the first three plays for a basketball exhibition games. in 1908 the United States has developed a unified national basketball rules, shifting languages and has been published in the world, so that gradually spread throughout the Americas Basketball , Europe and Asia, has become a world sport. 1936 11th Olympic Games men's basketball will be listed as an official sport, and harmonization of the world's basketball contest rules, then, to 1948, more than 10 years, the rules have been revised many times, with the existing rules relating to the important changes are: would have to be after the jump ball in the circle to replace units lost in the post-field outside the end line throw to continue in the competition; offensive team must advance the ball within 10 seconds Daoqian Chang; the ball into the After the field may not come back before the backcourt; offensive player shall not be in the "restricted zone" to stay within three seconds; shooting team has been infringed, hit a free throw a second, investment is not in the free-throw two second-rate. 1952 and 1956 15 , 16 two-time Olympic basketball game, there has been more than two meters more than twice the International Amateur Basketball Federation to expand basketball court a "restricted area" (also known as "three zones"); also provides control of a team After the ball must be shot within 30 seconds shot. 60 early on and the ball back 10 seconds after the field provides a time for the 17th Olympic Games in 1960, after the abolition of the midfield line drawn sideline to change the midpoint of the suspension. 1964 After the 18th Olympic Games, has returned to midfield line, these provisions also continue. in 1977 an increase of at least 10 times each team foul after foul when the defensive two free throws, anti-foul shot two free throws with 1 second time is not in the plus a time penalty provisions. 1981 turn 10 the provisions of free throws after the foul reduced to 8 times. It is clear that changes in personnel, technical and tactical development caused a rule change, the rules change again for the personnel and technology, further development of tactical changes. In particular, since the late 50s, the rule changes on the offensive and defensive basketball game speed, the athlete's body, technology, tactics and will, style has been constantly put forward new and higher demands on and promoted the rapid increase in the level of basketball skills, women's basketball in 1976, before the 21st session of the Olympic Games as an official event.

basketball movement around 1896 by the Tianjin YMCA introduced to China, followed by in Beijing Shanghai, where the YMCA has also been this activity. in 1910 was held at the National Games men's basketball exhibition games in the country's big cities, middle school basketball activities, and gradually unfolded Among them, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai to carry out relatively well, the level was also higher, the then rules of the game is very simple, in the middle of planning a course of about 1 meter in diameter circle, center team, when a jump ball in hand must be placed behind the waist, no one can not step foot outsiders. technology is simple, after the jump ball in the circle, who received the ball on his dribble, more than people on the defensive shooting. At that time forward will be a straight line dribble, pass method is a single hand chest pass, running shot is to use one hand underhand lay-up shot, standing shot are both near and far before the lower abdomen with both hands, hand shot. 1925 before and after the attack and defense of the five athletes, with a clearer division of labor, center right center, right guard forward, It was man marking, each pegged to their rivals. But the striker's role is only targeted shooting attack, regardless of retreat; guard duty is only targeted at defense intercept the ball, regardless of shooting. running forwards and back very little audience, and only center to be offensive and defensive balance. and later gradually replaced by a two guard who assists (active guard), a person staying in the backcourt (fixed guard), two forwards have become an exclusive competence in the former farm attack, quick attack, a person retreat backcourt to help prevent. technical movements have also been developed, running one-hand shooting occurred, master shot, standing shot his hands chest shot there, there a single pass, his hands shot to pass, dribble dribble dodge alternating hands emerged defense and defense to move forward beyond the technology. rules increased the penalty area and the free-throw line, team fouls four times is canceled from the tournament, foul free throw by captain designate any one player kick. Competition is divided into time, the second half of 20 minutes, a break of 10 minutes. Each cast or throws, they all jump ball in the circle to re-start the race. while the level of basketball in China since 1926, has been greatly enhanced.
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