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Olympians? What is that country club?

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a former CBA, and May 17, 2004, as Olympians are not the club reached an agreement with the Basketball Association, refused to allow the National Youth Team, Sun Yue, report Olympians were Basketball punishment. In October 2005, the United States Basketball Association announced that, CBA league's Beijing Olympians in the next season, officially joined the United States Basketball League (ABA league).
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Beijing Olympians! China's a basketball club
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Olympians team was established in 1997, was China's first fully privately owned professional basketball team. Based on the principles of training and combat first, the recruitment of Olympians have a wide range of extraordinary talented young basketball players, but also from the United States, Yugoslavia and South Korea and other countries appoint a high level of coaching, in order to help young players improve their basketball skills and better . In 1998, Ya Jubei Olympians won the championship the team has fully demonstrated the great potential possessed, they are able to enter one of China's CBA league. From 1998 to 2005 Olympians playing in the CBA League fourth of the good results. Olympians have a height of 7 feet tall players, the level of other players also remarkable, including a player named Sun Yue is a glorious selection of Chinese national team. These players talent and talent attracted the close attention of the NBA League. In order to give these young players to provide better training opportunities, teaching them the basic principles of the game, from the race to get the valuable experience and skills upgrading, Olympians fans decided to show the world the talents of these players, in the exotic land worked hard for something on the new heaven and earth.
乔治皮克林Olympians official spokesman said: "We are very pleased to be part of ABA League. This alliance has many strengths superior team, which is in sharp contrast to other alliances. We have a very good team, and they would be extremely competitive. We hope to become the ABA league's elite teams. "
Team player

Name Title / Position Height (CM) Competition Number

Paul - Section V / Paul Coughter Main Coach Head Coach

Mike. Michael ratio / Mike McGhee, Assistant Coach Assistant Coach

Duan Chao / DUAN Chao guard PG 193 4

Hua Zhao M / ZHAO Hua Nan shooting guard SG 198 5

Jinxin / JIN Xin small forward SF 205 6

Huonan / HUO Nan shooting guard SG 198 10

Wei / LI Wei forward PF 208 11

Song-Tao Zhang / ZHANG Song Tao center C 212 13

Yan Song Tao / YAN Song Tao small forward SF 198 16

Liu Guangning / LIU Guang Ning Tai Striker PF 207 17

Yellow Shell / HUANG Hai Bei forward PF 205 18

Jerry - Da Puli / Jerry Dupree F G 200 7

Rubin - within the Hand / Rubin Nembhand guard F 190 12

Fred / Fred Vinson striker F 195 20

Jason - Miller / Jason Miller center C 210 14

team coach

La Xiaen ‧ McDaniel (LaShun McDaniel), 1989, graduated from North Carolina, San Aogesiting After graduating from college and become a NBA player. In the four-year NBA career, McDaniel worked in the Wizards, Trail Blazers, Detroit Pistons and the Hornets effect. 2002 to 2004 years to lead the stadt Murad team won three consecutive titles, and in 2004 joined the Italian national team of trainers and coaches, led by Italy's national team at the Athens Olympic Games a runner-up.

McDaniel said: "I am very proud to be Olympians coach, this is a talented and very good team, Sun Yue, Zhang Song Tao, Huang Hai Bei, Chin Hsin Huo Nan and other players in the ABA league is bound to be able to have a bright future, I have full confidence in these players.

team performance

* 2003-2004 * 2002-2003 Chapter 7

Chapter 5

* 2001-2002 regular season, No. 11

* 1999-2000 6 name

* 1998-1999 Chapter 4
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China club.

to participate in the United States Basketball League (ABA league)



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