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Liu Yudong Why not be playing at home in 81

mone_y2010-02-07 21:01:48 +0000 #1
"Liu Yudong effect of the third year in Fujian, Bayi Rockets home fans Rengmo the opportunity to see God of War figure. Before the agreement between the parties is still valid, Liu Yudong, Ningbo, home can not be returned to war.". . . . News is saying this, I do not know why? ?
zqsgaj20092010-02-07 21:18:27 +0000 #2
81 teams from as early as the introduction of Fujian Liu Yudong, when 81 put forward Fujian and 81 of the competition, Liu Yudong per game can not be more than two. Fujian Province has agreed to a 81 of this requirement, the two sides reached a gentlemen's agreement.

Liu Yudong 81 playing in the CBA league last season, his departure is based on end in failure, which let him settle old scores, retired after the state Liu Yudong feeling okay, and the home team on many occasions extended an olive branch in Fujian and give high salaries, and also the spokesman for the brand in Fujian Pick naturally joined the Fujian team.

A long time on behalf of 81 team competition Liu Yudong I, the 81 team has an extremely strong feelings, the challenges in the 81's home 81 team, is also very reluctant to place his own thing, for before the game, he said: I am very reluctant to play, but I am, after all, a professional player, if the foreign teacher arranged for me to play, and I can only choose to obey.

In the 07-08 season, the first round of the final regular season game in the face of the pressure of the playoffs, Fujian, and 81 games at home, Liu Yudong four are playing. In response, 81 did not have any blame Fujian team breach of promise. Therefore, the second with 81 teams in dealing Fujian and abide by previous agreement, did not let Liu Yudong play.

December 5, 2008, Fujian team and 81 teams fighting hand to hand Liu Yudong was the highlight. The veteran, who came from 81 out of tonight's game, had 15 points and 9 rebounds.
Baby ai coquetry2010-02-07 21:21:45 +0000 #3
seemingly was Liu Yudong and Fujian in the contract, when he proposed to come from you?



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