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Who knows the correct shooting posture, there is the best site

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1. Shot Attention

basketball training and competition can have many different ways of shooting, but no matter what shooting mode, there are two must be done:

The first power from the feet-fat, meaning that although the shooting hand, but the force is launched from the feet before the palm, and then the ankle, knee, hip, upper body, arms, wrists, the final power transfer to the hand fingers will be voted out of basketball. Strength of the entire transmission should be a coherent and coordinated process.

The second arm posture, it should be the upper arm and forearm was 90 degrees, while the wrist and forearm after the extension was also nearly 90 degrees, and with the upper arm parallel. After the ball of the finger, the bottom. When shooting upward, forward cantilevers (of course, refers to the basket), upward, forward force bent wrist, finally launching the ball with your fingers, so that basketball would generate backspin shot, hit backboard or the basket will not have a great rebound. It should also be in contact with hands of time with the basketball as long as possible (that is, the ball moves over a long time), so that is conducive to the movement direction of the ball, increasing the hit rate of shooting at the beginning do not give much thought to whether the ball dropped into the basket. To focus attention on the body's posture, movements and the whole rhythm of the action shots. Each shot to repeat the same movements essentials, the correct movements become very smooth shot, when shooting will naturally be boosted. It should also be a different location away from the basket, angle shooting.

2. How can we improve the shooting

Basketball is a technology more integrated sports, the amount of shots to decide the outcome of the game. So, how to create more scoring opportunities and improve the hit rate of shooting, here in the teaching and training in some ways:

1, to strengthen standardization practice shooting action. Shooting action with a single hand and both hands, regardless of what form, must be done strictly according to standardized movements. Develop and master the muscles feel when shooting is a priority in all pre-conditions, which should increase standardization of practice shooting action, and ultimately achieving dynamic stereotype.

2, improve the body's level of training. The degree of physical training to complete the basis for a variety of technical movements on the shooting has significant impact. Such as physical training, poor players, amount of exercise increases, the hit rate will significantly decreased. Therefore, shooting with the physical training should be combined, to a certain minimum time limit for the number of shooting intensity training, in order to intense competition, there is sufficient strength to ensure the stability of shooting and improvement.

3, choose a good shooting opportunity, decisive shot. A good shot opportunity is to improve the key to shooting, a good scoring chance with the team through individual and to create, and to be good at capturing the timing of shots. Shot by defender to observe the center of gravity, position, anti-distance, once the defenders lost the normal anti-bit, not interfere with shooting, or shooting those who use fake to lure defender lost focus, location, and anti-distance, the shot by creating shot opportunities, decisive shot. The use of team tactics created by the use of offensive and defensive opportunities or the time difference between both sides and space for the temporary difference immediately shot.

4, there must be a strong desire and self-confidence shot. A strong desire and self-confidence is to improve the shooting shooting the premise of the shooting plays an important role. In teaching those who make the shot to be a comprehensive exercise to master a variety of shooting skills, play to their initiative. In the normal response to the students a little more care, help, more encouragement and recognition to foster self-confidence of those shots.

5, and systemic stability, coordination and action shot training. Competition, often see some of those shots in the sudden loss of body balance the external force can still get the ball thrown, indicating the coordination of the body shots are good, shot the ball the moment, body and hands are relatively stable, space-time shot by a sense of strong, feeling good, strong self-confidence so that the whole shooting action force uniform, gentle movements, natural, coherent, smooth.

6, choose the right shot angle and shot the ball's flight path. According to science and practice proved that the angle shot the ball affects the ball flight path, the ball's flight path generally have a low arc, medium and high-arc three kinds of arcs, generally in the arc is the best. However, as shot distance from the players height and bounce the different qualities, so in the shot, the ball's flight path also different, in the training set according to the actual situation. At the same time, a stable psychological factors are also critical to learn self-regulation and self-psychological suggestion, not by the referees, venues, audience, atmosphere and the impact of scores to take reasonable and decisive action to shoot.

3. One-handed set shot

single-handed set shot, especially for young people, is a basic shooting mode. We shot right as an example:

hands and eyes with the ball placed on a high position, slightly Bianxiang the right side, right foot over left foot slightly forward, knees peg-leg, move the ball on his right wrist extension, Most of the weight falls on the right hand so that ball left hand gently Fuzhu ball from the left, feet palm hair force, bring heels, knees straight, stretching his right arm throw the ball (see on the shooting) wrist shot from the back bending the beginning and then upward, forward, fingertips is the last to leave the sphere of the site.

4. How do I jump

jumper advantage is not as easy as the set shot by his opponent sealed. Young athletes may be due to leg, arm, shoulder and back muscles are not strong enough to do well and the jump shot, it can temporarily abandoned, or else due to lack of strength caused by the error action will affect the self-confidence, so that after subsequent power up to the required difficult to obtain the ideal jump shot technique. Jumper's technical essentials are as follows:

hands holding the ball, non-shooting hand placed in front or side of the ball side (as you put a comfortable position). Shooting hand-placed the ball back, knees peg-leg, his hands on the ball from the chest to move the eye at the top, and then his legs upward bounce. Jump when the elbow (forearm backwards), the wrist has turned back. Skip to the highest point, the forearm protrusion, wrist forward, throw the ball down with the ball movement (see on the shot) to fully, the eyes must always live in the basket Ding.

With the exercise:

1 \ training manual. No strength to do everything well, passing \ dribble \ extraordinary \ shots, etc.. What can not be guaranteed. Physical foundation of all movement. You can run , also can play games instead of training.

2 \ Lianqiu sense.

hands will be around the neck, waist and knees.

separation of the legs, the ball around one leg, between his legs around the 8 characters.

of these as long as the ball , you can always practice on the ball, dribble with both hands, are to help.

In my recent training, from left to right, from right to left, each more than 100 times. This can help you right hand can be a very good point . the ball a good sense can help you better grasp and handle the ball, including the pass \ dribble \ extraordinary \ shoot

3 \ to practice shooting

You can lie on the floor or in bed,

take a basketball shot up to do action, pay attention to let the ball straight up and down, left and right sub-practice.

each hand to do 100 or more times.

is ready to do.

There are many, you look video bar / v_show / id_XMzcwMDAzODQ =. html? full = true Here is the basket on his extraordinary skill, of course, some walking the. moving foot must pivot foot jump at the same time or earlier than the pivot foot jump. This does not affect you to learn of other technologies.

recommend that you look at several teaching films, NBA star guard of teaching

Thomas _ dribble jump shot and the ball

the main striker dribble shot and grab rebounds articles

you search inside electric donkey "basketball" can be found , there are many, are classics

were Putonghua teaching, but also from the ground, and do not teach, as did Michael Jordan dunk.
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I feel it, shooting posture should be comfortable with their own feel about the shot how kind of investment, such as Marion shooting people, but still very well-known strange posture. So long as the prospective shooting himself comfortable can be a! Otherwise you are shooting subjects than your vote and then we'll see some of my arm to see if we are going to like Kobe Bryant. So not long been blocked shots begin?
caifw_lilinzhi2010-02-07 22:13:36 +0000 #4
go to learn Liu Yudong! I think he is the most accurate shooting people! But you can learn!
"" Toot2010-02-07 21:14:02 +0000 #5
Ray Allen

the whole Union, the most standard shooting positions



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