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NBA 2007 2009-2010 latest players patch

chouchong0542010-02-07 22:01:10 +0000 #1
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244,398,4242010-02-07 22:14:43 +0000 #2
This is the latest list is now updated more than 07 computers configured, then you can play 2k series

a direct copy Thunder Download: thunder: / / QUFodHRwOi8vZG93bi53Mm5iYS5jb20vMjAwOTA1LzE4L3AwN3YyOS5yYXJaWg ==

NBA Live 2007 patch list updated 2.9

NLSC NBA Live 2007 Profile updated list of 2.9 features

2008/2009 season, updated rosters authoritative list of updates, as of 4-19

more Stadium update with the actual performance value of

the critical value of updating the players exact location of the distribution of

Stadium field shooting position and data updates / amendments to

missing players face make up and image update

NBA All-Star Weekend Eastern All-Star roster update

NBA All-Star Weekend Rookie of the Year and second team players brace updates

contract and salary updates

supersonic replacement for the 08-09 season, Thunder NBA team

more of the actual situation, updating the team LOGO, stadium, jersey

to amend the amendment Setup shoes

amendment to the legendary coach of updates

increase the value of

90 years a second All-Star


1. transfer the list of patches into the My Documents directory nbaXX directory, every time the game saves should be in the election Read item can only be read archive

2. Action patch into the game directory ai, anim these two folders, the covers on the list (note the backup).

3. Sgsm jersey patches, some directly into the folder, and some want to put sgsm \ uniforms, the specific read note is generally VIV files on sgsm \ uniforms, under, BIG files released under the SGSM (Note that the backup ).

4. Other patches on the game directory SGSM years covered on the list (note the backup), such as e / nbaXX / SGSM can.

5. A specific look at compressed package installation instructions.



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