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How to properly strip the ball

the devil and2010-02-07 22:02:01 +0000 #1
I am 14 years old, had just started this site because of elementary school when you did not play basketball, it will not. Others will come to a new school, I also want to learn, but no one taught me, so the ball the old mistakes, it can not be ran with, is that others will think for a long time, I am really sad, why people would I not, I am will certainly prove to them! Therefore, in this hope that heroes help me, starting from basic science. I have read other people's answers, but I do not understand, I really rotten, if we can just give me a video (can read, do not give a what Kobe Bryant on how the ball or whatever, there is only one action, I can not Like Kobe Bryant so well, so it is not necessary, as he did worse) Detailed point, as far as possible so that I can read, can bring maps, how to take it will not be mistakes, but also with how, after the basket, I am an old walk
Street No-kui M2010-02-07 22:10:45 +0000 #2
This is my QQ: 530706532

Canada when he was clear who you are.

I am today, two days, although the technology is not very powerful, but I teach people are very powerful, I know how, within the shortest possible time so that you progress to the maximum .. (as long as you are willing to train)
chaos of the streamer2010-02-07 22:48:58 +0000 #3
your question is because the you will not be based on dribbling caused by dribbling is to hand the ball to a regular under pressure, not the beat, give a simple example, if the ball was dirty, you dribble after the palm of the hand is not black. If you dribble always walking, then it needs its own to dribble more than usual practice, the first in situ dribbling practice, and then dribble walking exercise, and finally speed up the dribble, step by step, or should a practice makes perfect process.
Adults 1202010-02-07 22:26:11 +0000 #4
you a good shot



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