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How to play small forward, into a detailed master

zhuse5002010-02-07 23:01:02 +0000 #1
My height 190, weight 80KG, very keen on swingman, bouncing general, speed, ball in general, almost no shot - (I used to be inside of -), should be How do training, have any good alternative? There are - am ashamed to say, until now I can not dunk on the dunk method also referring to the next --- Thank you very much master who has. . . Best small training facilities we can start at home, good, I + am, does not require the speed, as long as 2 months later bear fruit in the line of long-term guidance + mailbox reward Negotiable , the yuan lines, e-mail contact person --- not interested in professional training methods, we should be able to start at home, and they should not too drastic
Guang_sic2010-02-07 23:14:55 +0000 #2
attack and have a powerful breakthrough in the former, but also will play some inside. You still more and give them practice jumping ability and break it, feel like looking for shooting slowly. Jumping ability to see the first qualification, then the training is acquired. More playing rope skipping, or to consult a fitness trainer health club -
positive chicken2010-02-07 23:45:02 +0000 #3
Enhancing should first bounce, and every day, sandbags strapped to practice jumping.
zhanglelewen2010-02-07 23:54:47 +0000 #4
My height 189, began playing when no bounce, no shots, scoring often buckle inside to play board! now slowly better, can dunk, my experience is more than training, and do not be afraid do not enter, we must dare to buckle, is estimated that you have basically no problem -
yanpey1112010-02-07 23:40:49 +0000 #5
First of all you need to have a strong desire to score, striker did not score desire is unqualified. There is to do dribble shuttle run, this does not require you have a good point, but can not be shipped to a theft. Speed is very important, if you do not requirement, then the defense will be very difficult to get rid of people. Plus you do not jumping lines, so the best way is to run the dribble, interspersed with do turn around, crotch and other dribble moves, insist on a day 1 - 2 hours, a month after dribbling should be will be proficient. Then the next month, in the process of running, plus a number of steps across the shot, STOP jumper action, if we continue down, two months later, there will be effective.

You can also search online to see some basketball instruction video.

In fact, playing that position is not important, that is duties, Generally speaking, each person can fight a number of positions, so technology is the most important.



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