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How practice shooting? How to be allowed to shoot? Under the master said, thank you

☆ Simon Yu ☆2010-02-07 23:01:09 +0000 #1
such as the title, detail what I am pitching the end of the hit rate is too. Always voted not enter!
Nishikura Acheron2010-02-07 23:04:44 +0000 #2
First, the masters of our own habits of shooting positions. Reference to the teaching of the standard shooting position, and then with their own situation, summed up his own shot for position.

Second, makes perfect. After mastering the shooting posture must spare no practice, so that my deep shots to remember the position and feelings.
88,193,8152010-02-07 23:39:06 +0000 #3
normal shooting position is wrong, also note that some of the parabola as high as possible
huang521xinwei2010-02-07 23:50:49 +0000 #4
mind have often thought ... ...
back to the past 1412010-02-08 00:04:23 +0000 #5
Bryant voted thousands of times a day, a few hundred times a day you have it, a future ... ... ... ...!



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