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I played center in the school, and ask about what a good offense means?

☆ Simon Yu ☆2010-02-07 23:01:15 +0000 #1
, Such as title, detail about how to fight? How practice? I 1 m 8,75 kg.
hys50193372010-02-07 23:07:55 +0000 #2
75KG? ? Weight needs to be strengthened ah - there is no weight to play inside a very disadvantageous position - as I 185,70 KG, playing PF, and simply do not make it into the inside lane-C in general is anti-war, turned to the basket, turned and dumped, turning hook, pick and rolls, keep in mind is to pick and rolls, not fail to do so is light demolition, setting screens is that you have stepped forward to block the defensive back who dribble the pace is called block, we will basically, after the demolition is finished you want to block the rapid recovery of your defense because you go out people will make up one block away, this time inside the empty door wide open, you pull one back to ask for a pass the ball back directly to easy baskets - of course, only a hot-pursuit method of breaking people - if the tactic of playing defense, then the useless - break defense method is interspersed Paowei pull their defensive line makes the G or SF are neutral gear suddenly came in, they will certainly cause a breakthrough the other side of the double-team this time as long as you accurately identify the location of the ball a good way to space came out - and then was shot, a perfect arc, followed by that brush is heard - the ball went into the - there is a fake, fake the basket moves are essential to a C homework to learn that the door it will allows you to duck to water in the basket, the basket's footsteps is a compulsory course Oh - I can give you propose to mention so many - and fuel -
Xiangwan way the United States o2010-02-07 23:12:30 +0000 #3
a \ back the body's singles. to be practiced, one turn, and second, a hook and the third is thrown back jumper.

2 \ STOP jumper, can not do without dribbling. and good shooting touch ...

3 \ inside to bits, so that guard pass to you.

4 \ reach out to indicate their requests, and then pretend to come out to the outside after a single block, under the guard delivered the ball, you suddenly ran counter to the inside to form a space, guard pass to you, it is easy to get into.

1 \ training manual. there is no physical anything done, pass \ dribble \ extraordinary \ shots, etc.. What can not be guaranteed. physical foundation of all movement. You can run, but also can play games instead of training.

2 \ Lianqiu sense .

hands will be around the neck, waist and knees.

separation of the legs, the ball around one leg, between his legs around the 8 characters.

of these as long as the ball, you can always practice on the ball, dribble with both hands, both to help .

In my recent training, from left to right, from right to left, each more than 100 times. This can help you right hand can be a very good point. the ball a good sense can help you better grasp and handle the ball, including the pass \ dribble \ extraordinary \ shot

3 \ to practice shooting

You can lie on the floor or in bed,

get a basketball shooting moves up to do, pay attention to make the ball straight up and down, left and right sub-practice.

each hand do 100 or more times.

is ready to do.

There are many video bar you look there are extraordinary basket skills,

recommend that you look at several teaching films, NBA star guard of teaching

Thomas _ dribble jump shot and the ball

the main striker dribble shot and grab rebounds articles

center articles sealing dunk basket and grab rebounds (Aura Juven)

you use Baidu search video can be found on the inside, there are many, are classics

These videos are limitless, but also there are CCTV system, the teaching of basketball, it is suitable for you, step by step.

recommendations Download to learn.

to the sub-bar
lhayy13142010-02-08 00:22:50 +0000 #4
play center, then tell the truth to your physique to be strengthened. Training forces to fight the basket bar, basic skills is very important, strength is also very important to play a powerful effect of not only helpful, is not vulnerable to injuries! Occasionally, a fight is not a disadvantage ah! ! Hehe in my humble.加油!
Principal Ace Small forward2010-02-08 00:22:27 +0000 #5
play striker bar to change the height and weight are suitable for you



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