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Global scale the most influential sports? ? ? ?

LIVEPO2010-02-07 23:01:22 +0000 #1
The United States is the world's superpower, the world's first movement? ? ? ? Please explain. . . . .
DJ Mars2010-02-07 23:12:47 +0000 #2

soccer become the world's No. 1 sport for seven reasons

1, sports a collection of the essence of football itself, the characteristics of human movements, athletes between the sudden start, competing to run ball, like a sprinter; goalkeeper on the next vertical jump, horizontal flutter Cepu, like jump projects; that flexibility and good athletes, a Daoguajingou, diving hoisting, like gymnastics; reasonable between the two players collision, but also a bit like rugby to show strength and beauty ... ...

2, the popularity of football players do not ask for themselves is an important reason. Soccer athletes, tall, short, Feishou problems are large, unlike other sports. For example, rugby, a small block header certainly face a significant loss; game of basketball is "long" and their world. The football is different, disturbing the world to do all the children provides a "All-Star Dream" opportunities.

3, the unpredictability of the outcome of football matches caused by chance is an important reason for fanatical football fans around the world. Because in the football world, there is no absolute teams. Manchester United may be an unknown second division or even an amateur team "toppled." Brazil's players have been piled up during football matches played at the Olympics were still immature when the Japanese team win. In 1996, football "Third World" of North Korea's team beat the Italian team had entered the World Cup quarterfinals. Therefore, in football, the less the last moment, you never know what results.

4, handsome guy football Yingzisashuang Hunks of you contributed to the sport as "the world's first movement" can not be overlooked causes. The reason is very simple and crush his face of worship were all desperately ran to a game for (mainly watch others), then do not worry that their boyfriends can do? Even less interested in football, men have to follow his girlfriend ran to the stadium to see live in girlfriend, do not let her by those who golf course "glamorous" is the most important thing away.

5, the environment fans like customers, people have a mouth-watering feast of football, but "eat" the atmosphere is better. Lively, atmosphere, spectacular, these pitches are all in place. Hot and sultry than badminton hall, table tennis tables than a small one, just how wide the pitch looks magnificent and exciting way.

6, free for several Manju along with tens of thousands of fans booing, bustling. To be honest, if the ballpark to be quiet, then who would go to ballpark.

7, the controversial "Football's biggest attraction is its controversial nature." Said the old man had a vision of a forward-looking words. The old man is a former FIFA President Joao Havelange. Yes, if the football is a very fine "dead", it is mechanical, then football will lose its great charm. It is precisely because referees are human, may be miscarriage of justice may be taking bribes to manipulate matches, etc., have a massive controversy and more people's attention.
Liao Hai2010-02-07 23:29:22 +0000 #3
basketball. NBA League of the most public to know that bar, but also to make money.
xyvieri322010-02-07 23:41:47 +0000 #4
Soccer is the world's first movement, watching football and baseball in the United States are more for looks like.
Peak Costa said something2010-02-08 00:46:22 +0000 #5
soccer, basketball
the consequences of the negative2010-02-07 23:27:28 +0000 #6
Basketball is the world's largest sports
Lin Xi back2010-02-08 01:42:31 +0000 #7
Basketball is the first movement, you do not believe you can ask the veterans Pick, when the Peak would like to invite sports stars to advertise look up a well-known research company commissioned by the world's first movement is what, to identify the results of basketball, and later signed NBA Pick All-Star to do advertising, Pick spokesperson are: Kidd, Ron Artest, Dikembe Mutombo, Pakistan Tire



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