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According to my physical condition, I developed a two-thirds of the training program

Mo_TOOO2010-02-07 23:01:58 +0000 #1
89 years of birth, height 182, weight 125, a six-year junior high school to college to play ball, before the big fight before the second year on the feeling of everyone around us is too high So, think about changing play of small forward, 100M can be washed 11 seconds 6. but he's two-thirds vote is now up jumper no enthusiasm, because I have small bones, so not so well-developed upper limb muscles, well-meaning people give me a third jumper training programs, freshman took a freshman champion lost his title when the sophomore, junior champion to bring it, ah well-meaning people to a training program to maintain six months, preferably at night we can do. Scores gratitude.
dawn 19922010-02-07 23:17:16 +0000 #2
I have seen a number of other user said, and think that is still quite a good answer, my answer is that some opportunistic approach, and can not really fundamentally change your question, so do not adopt as the standard, but if your time is running short, then worth a try, it may be more useful.

I was born in 92 years, but jumped a primary school, and now second year, because the small two-year-old than the others, height and upper body strength are not enough, but it was like when the High School to participate in the class to match , I have no other skills, you can only think of ways to practice their shooting, and I found that if the upper limbs are not strong enough, you can try more than the use of fingers and wrist strength, utilizing his arm thrust and tension, can take the shots to the appropriate location, if they can be adjusted after each casting rhythm yourself, you will find there will be a period of time then you shot is very potential, but such a posture is not useful for everyone, with the upper body strength and own strengthened the feeling of shooting will be changed so they need time to adjust, as I was by adjusting the pitch of the arc height to accommodate the changes in my strength, so it can recommend that you try, every day about 300 three-pointers should be on it. I was one-third of vacancies jumper hit rate was 45% or so.

When the hit to improve after the opponent would be interested in man-mark against you in this shot-point shot approach is relatively low, relatively easy to be covered, so need to have a good shot opportunity, while you can use the fake fool defensive after layup. A good shooter, definitely not the kind of anti-and double-teamed in the paste when the shot is also the courage of the people, but one can, through their own shots and fake opponents dare not defend people, posted a time by running anti - get rid of opponents, in order to create their own space, to shooting and layup, as well as passing options.

I wish you and your teammate can lose the title to fight back.
cxuc2010-02-07 23:17:40 +0000 #3
hey, do not play a professional do not need to plan, be able to say how the professional, basketball, or rely on co-ordination in the freshman year when my class is the second on the individual in terms of capacity in our schools and that is garbage, but we in the together on the line, hey, look, or teammates, his abilities are not valued, fuel bar! friend!



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