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Shot-for-position problem

tank20891302010-02-08 00:01:47 +0000 #1
school basketball has a year of shooting position shot point, a bit low curvature of peace

I would like to change to change posture may have used, what better way to do to change? Short period of time.

Wei feet Why can not sports?
Feng_ in2010-02-08 00:03:47 +0000 #2
his legs apart, shot in the foot a little forward to face the basket inside

fingers grasping the ball is not the last to leave the palm of the hand grasping the ball the ball is the middle finger

just started practicing those who remember the shot must be relaxed To soft

casting their ball players to look at the basket, rather than pointing to baskets remain unchanged

if if want to throw the ball high can try to move the ball in the first bar above

just started to learn some basketball people who are not accustomed to slowly like a

the most critical is the shooting hand must be the formation of three 90-degree angle

pitch when the basket to see the latter half of lap

if if want to practice their heads off, if

you can try shooting hand and that side of the leg slightly to the high-lift take-off
wind _Kobe2010-02-08 00:25:32 +0000 #3
low-radians flat shot, then easily be covered

If you have been covered more naturally thought to change position of the

Also note that the training arm strength

Wei Wei feet feet how we dispose of it correctly:

1. distinguish between the severity of the injury. Wei-pin only mild soft tissue injury, slightly heavy, it could be lateral malleolus or the fifth metatarsal base fracture, and then weight may also be within the lateral malleolus of the pairs of ankle fractures, causing the three ankle fractures. Light that can be their own disposal, heavy would have to go to the hospital ask the doctor to diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, to distinguish the severity of injury is very important.

Generally speaking, if their own activities when the ankle is not a severe pain, you can barely stand discreet, barely walk; painful place not in the muscles on the bones, but words, mostly sprains, you can dispose of their own. If their own activities when the ankle pain, can not be discreet standing and Nuebu, pain where the bones or sprained foot feeling inside when the sounds, quickly swelling after injury, especially tender point in the middle of the high lateral malleolus or outside the foot suddenly the bones, it is the performance of their injuries, they should immediately to the hospital for treatment. 1:00 to go if the conditions can not be confined to the hospital, you can also temporarily disposed of in accordance with the following, and then as soon as possible to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

2. The proper use of hot packs and cold. Hot packs and cold are physical therapy, roles are very different. Blood was hot and live, too cold then the condensate. Therefore, in broken blood vessels are still bleeding time to Apply a cold compress to control the development of the injury. Wait until after hot compress to stop bleeding in order to dissipate blood stasis around the wound.

Careful reader must ask, how can we know the bleeding stopped or not? In principle, based on the limit of 24 hours after injury, but also can refer to the following points: First, to stabilize the pain and swelling, not continue to increase; second elevation and put your feet when you suffer from the feeling of expansion is not very different; 3 is the temperature of the skin wound by a slightly higher than normal parts, becomes very similar, which could be taken as a basis to stop bleeding.

3. Appropriate activities. Swelling and pain after injury in sexual development, do not support the weight of standing or walking, it is best Taigaohuanzhi restrict any activity. Wait for his condition stabilized, they can carry out foot and ankle Taigaohuanzhi initiative activities, but can cause pain in the direction of doing forbidden activities. Wait until the swelling and pain gradually reduce hours, and then walk Shimoji, the time advisable to shorter, to be increased gradually to adapt to the future.

4. Anrou correctly. In the bleeding stopped before in order to make sustained Anrou hematoma at The appropriate method is to use the palm thenar according to the partial pressure to bear while still capable of suitable pain. Time is a continuous pressing 2 to 3 minutes and then slowly release, pause a moment and then repeat the operation. Repeat 5 times for each stage, daily 3 to 4 stages of a better option. After the bleeding stopped doing rubbing method was used to thenar or thumb pulp to exert certain pressure on local and Roudong direction is obvious swelling at the center, eccentric in all directions to the surrounding Anrou, each doing 2 to 3 minutes , 3

5 times per day.

5. Rational drug use. Bleeding to stop before the blood circulation should not be internal or external application of medicines, can be "good fast," spraying the wound, Oral Yunnan plasma. After the bleeding stopped, it is desirable that topical Five Tigers Dan, Oral bone-pill, powder, etc. Huoxuezhitong. Chinese herbal medicine can be used post-fumigation. If you do not have a proprietary Chinese medicine, can also flour fried yellow, deposited in the affected area with vinegar to reconcile, to replace the Five Tiger Dan the results would be ideal. With a handful of pepper, a little salt boils water Fumigation, instead of herbal effect is not bad.
Bryant Jiaqiao Dan2010-02-08 00:11:37 +0000 #4
Note 3 90 degrees, shot point can try to adjust upward, with the wrist upward cast
Kid typing2010-02-08 01:53:40 +0000 #5
no way to
wd_blade2010-02-08 01:51:17 +0000 #6
brothers and I played basketball for 20 years, I'll tell you what

if you want to changed, must the degree of change suggest that you can learn the most standard shooting position a lot of this material I will not elaborate on what steps

I just want to say first of all you have to pose gracefully bar shooting before the first Bieji Zhao pose and then take off brothers It must take off the first shot did not take off the end of an era long hard up until the highest point of jump shots away

at the time of shooting, nearly to the far end is a must to maintain the position beyond the arc attention to the standard non-stick is also preferred to vote 3 not be allowed to hand-type has changed a long time, was formed

The most important thing is to learn to do hard work do not expect a month or two learned. To tell you I have spent at least the optical shot a year, and I was playing four times a week only a small basketball

very hard when you learn to play when you discover just how cool refueling



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