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Basketball scoring bit distressed after the

qq6926969592010-02-08 03:01:16 +0000 #1
exercises for some time 2 minutes 10 voted 7 to vote in 3 minutes 10 .. 6 is a breakthrough not break people always want me to pull their heads off shot please master tell me how to do ..? Thank you, I am 12 years old 170 / `` tell me how to do a good exercise in order to score posterior
Xiaoqiang also robbed2010-02-08 03:15:01 +0000 #2
defender can not say that they fast enough, unless you have very good two-thirds capacity and team-mate meaning of the pick and rolls, or you have equal portions Wei is superfluous. Defender of the fake movements and explosive power is very important, especially fake extraordinary moment, after which the explosive force, and we play like NBA, a person can be singled out the team, so most of the guards have had to bear the heavy attack was launched If the guard can be quickly inserted inside each other to disrupt the deployment of defense of others to other teammates will be able to create a lot of lazy chance, and if their bodies were better, you can do when the basket in the three-step action or air to avoid fake people's movements and direct scores.

170CM, 130 pounds fact, such a height and weight do not suffer more than you thought they shuttle run, and leapfrog to help your explosive power and jumping ability.

Also, this is my personal way of exercise, I have height 180, weight 180, floor 5 position of an individual be able to play, but to organize the main Guardian, when necessary, will act as the decile Wei, as a child played center , so we know when the center in the defensive way of thinking. This is to organize Wei character.

Advice you have one; If there is no defender of consciousness, should carry a small forward, but two-thirds as important as the ability, as well as what you say you are 12 years old, then you got to learn some little more than you will know the next combat.
Forest Pacers2010-02-08 03:19:55 +0000 #3
breakthrough of the most important thing is to have a good fitness: for example, speed, physical flexibility, jumping and so on! With good physical quality, with the pace of a variety of dribble, you can break through, but you have to dribble, to arbitrary degree! Then you will be very successful. Take a look at the excellent NBA point guard of the video bar, from which you will have experience of imitation!
vlang2010-02-08 03:36:46 +0000 #4
practice dribbling, E-STOP. Dodge. Hop. Varied pace. Cross-step,
Romantic Reply2010-02-08 04:20:29 +0000 #5
first say something, SG does not advocate more dribble, it should be more running, ran out of space to try. (Of course, in no way really need to break through when you are still going to extraordinary)

How to break: (but also in a good defensive cases) ... ... difficult! -

First, you must have these skills inside the three dribble:

1. Cross under the dribble 2. Retreat dribble three steps. Volume with the point of buying the (1280), nickname: enjoyed the dribble

Second, we can analyze the benefits of the above demand of each transportation

1. Dribble it across the next stop could disrupt the rhythm of the person defending you

2. retreat defensive steps you can pull people away from

3. enjoyed the make good use of the arrow keys, you can shake around, so defensive you people do not know where to side you will jump

above-mentioned three of dribble, you If used together, then the proof will be lost in the minds of your people, and do not know how to defend you, because it is in the race to be changeable, if you always use the same method, then the people will understand the , and maybe you can break the previous, but I guess after a breakthrough will be difficult ... ... think about strategy!

Finally, we say something and under what circumstances is the best time to break through to 1 person in the defensive position not stand a good case of

2 in his steps away from you have a case to step 2

3 in the defense of dislocation the next, that is, you are not guard against is people in other occupations to 4 for all of us were very anti-death time, need someone to stand up and change the situation, you should come forward (which is every good SG must have self-confidence)

The above are personal opinions, if any wrong or incomplete, please pointing out, I will humbly accept!
feng_ Xiao Bai2010-02-08 03:50:37 +0000 #6
should train must have a good breaking ball of

so that the ball is in your hands can basically follow your thoughts to Sports

but also to observe the situation in court, for people who want to defend your observations at any time

This will capture images of the neutral gear and the timing could be

more practical side's pace attack is to use advantages of E-STOP, and change to the shooting

There are fake, Akira who is very effective

there is a breakthrough in After the defensive when you accelerate you are back running, unless you speed is you are faster than the defending side a shot, this time enough for you to do a lot of things
z1175132202010-02-08 04:16:04 +0000 #7
I think the first to link the technology to further strengthen speed of training. Only in this way can escape.

Multi-shot start pitch stability in contact. This will score.



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