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104,747,9952010-02-08 04:01:43 +0000 #1
I 174-175 or so, in high school when I was playing the center position, because my person was more robust, but now the university, because of height problems, less likely to continue to play center, but I want to play basketball, I should have向那in development? Dribble not very good, basic steps can only be two and a half lay-up shot (near the body to break open other people's), but I know that this is not the best play, do you think I should向那aspects of development? If you can spend, to which nba player should I learn? Step up from what I do? Thank you -
_ _ mistakenly fallen angel2010-02-08 04:04:42 +0000 #2
Deron Williams to learn to bar

175cm, but the University felt a bit too short

Yaoda sf

I 186.1cm 80kg at a disadvantage if only dare to small forward

you should start from the basic rate of

such as exercise - running

explosive jumping exercises Exercises

If you do not speed is the Zhuang no bounce no explosive force is abused

If there is no problem to conduct basketball training

daily silly Light playing on enhancing skills is impossible
sun826232162010-02-08 04:18:55 +0000 #3
Exercise basic skills bar ... do not ask for the moon of learning ... learning NBA is too is not very practical ...

I played eight years of basketball, junior guard 175 to play center forward, 184 high school on a full-time guard. suggest that you do not play on an entertainment career if Bar ...
NBA Barcelona2010-02-08 05:21:38 +0000 #4
Exercise basic skills bar ... do not ask for the moon of learning ... learning NBA is too is not very practical ...
KoЪěィfly2010-02-08 04:32:10 +0000 #5
more practice
Kobe Bryant Mars 242010-02-08 05:33:04 +0000 #6
first learning how to fixed-point shot has its own good at the location of Louzhu may as well learn about Bryant's shooting hand type in peacetime posture is mainly to practice shooting yourself when you hand-type fixed-This is useful after exercise STOP jumper Help is also dribbling basics Louzhu usually when nothing or to see other people do not idle when playing non-stop dribbling the ball dribble layup that practice makes perfect does not make a person when playing golf, with severe limitations Louzhu Since the body strong and able to shoot hand experts and practicing martial arts after the strong beat and a half low of a small hook is best right-hand turn can sum up a few years I have also finished shooting the ball personal feeling Basketball hand experts and martial arts is the most important if they do not up tight schedule shot up on the body Yi Zhu He pressed on with a layup at the basket if the defense and his own body on the hook is almost higher than they would like to intact short jumper on the heads off the ball is not in a day should combine shooting and breakthroughs Lou Zhu would like to practice under the explosive break can also be enhanced want me to say they can help if they feel right Lou Zhu Jiu Ji Sub Bar
shrimp to register2010-02-08 06:20:08 +0000 #7
jumper unstable state your lack of back muscles, back, back exercises not work on the state your body's Singles by lack of strength when the top has constrained the development of your inner space, if you want to do a good job inside, so long under the multi-exercise your back muscles, Shiping Baidu more than to go on.

If you want to float on the outside - this is no way, universities which are too many people for so long you have to reinforce their point, speed, flexibility, pace. You can search a specific training YE Tian-screen, and very professional and very powerful! !!

Your body strong, and then you can back muscles Enhancing the Celtics Paul Pierce as an example! In other words, your goal now is to put a small forward body.

Refuel it, to exercise!

Wide backs to attract the attention of numerous MM

has done a cover of power forward also good for the silent guard at either side of rebounding, giving players without the ball to do the cover of pick and rolls, then break the player's point shot, rebounds card bit. But you need to have a team, a team from his brother, as long as you are willing to do blue-collar workers, even if your data is not outstanding, but you either ran a field's brightest people.
Dust intrusion winter clothes2010-02-08 05:27:31 +0000 #8
Only such a point of height, play the game in general will also play. Yi Miqi a few of the height, the ball well, shooting is not OK, but also what is playing basketball. Station to vote on the premise that what - is to drive the ball, made foul, foul; break would want the ball will be used freely; those you do not have, but also NBA, home slowly practicing bar.
tanheran2010-02-08 06:31:28 +0000 #9
me and you about the situation

SF bar to switch over to practice a practice shot to Landry learn bar

is there such a stage persist there will be transit
gdstkobe8882010-02-08 07:08:43 +0000 #10
Do not lose your ball tough Wind This is a very important point in basketball you want to strengthen the training of basic skills you see the ball a good NBA center Shaquille O'Neal flu is so much more than a good one so you can dribble, right to strengthen the training you to change your height is limited Large pre-fight and then slowly Wang Waila know that bar is a great practice before the action center and then added a point outside the shot ah vote in wait for you to play what used to try to play on the break through striker plus some of what so many players are playing Pau Gasol is the opposite first hit out back to see his tall, a change to play forward again high into the center of the哈哈until you first learn Garnett before the big vote for him there is a breakthrough in fuel Brothers!
Sirius Storm2010-02-08 08:16:19 +0000 #11
jumper feelings and stop casting completely different (sure you stand to vote has been using the multi-Shou Jin), multi-purpose train jumper with waist and back muscles, but also to pay attention in mid-air when you get up to take a look at vote



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