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Basketball extraordinary?

Evil Genius2010-01-16 00:24:22 +0000 #1
I am 1.65 meters tall. . Shooting fairly accurate, but I wanted to be a defender. . A very stiff left hand dribble, dribble right hand can be, but always afraid to see the defender, the ball will be swatting. . Mind a blank. . Should pay attention to what should be extraordinary? ? Will you be able to help me!谢谢. . Yes I will add points. . .
heavenframe2010-01-16 00:33:29 +0000 #2
Department of dribble for you start to practice because of personal feelings start

you are practicing the basic skills of non-solid

is really the hands of those silly exchange crotch like dribbling the beginning of

do not think it is very boring, and there is not much effect, for a period of time after the ball you'll get used to the feeling of your hands even after the tension will be very natural that will not lose the ball

and then put 12 chairs in front of a defender as a hypothetical exercise extraordinary dribbling .

As for the way Well, look at your own speed dribble

Some people like the moment when the defender wondering suddenly accelerated breakthrough.

Some people like to turn dribble of course, you'd better Zhuang some

some people like the slow pace of the first in situ dribble and then change to the extraordinary grasp on time machine.

Enhancing the same as the first and then slowly.

There are two most important are:

an extraordinary year is not necessarily beautiful

Tim Hardaway's killing crossover is the most simple, but he changed it to play to the limit

2 Basketball is the mission of the movement take full advantage of team-mate

do not always able to pass on this extraordinary biography, to make use of cover to use, one team member to help you block you just extraordinary split-off more effective.
onebyone4922010-01-16 01:02:37 +0000 #3
I think that first of all should train the ability to dribble, dribble defender is short of essential, otherwise it is difficult to survive on the pitch. There is to be good at using the body, met with defense first and foremost, if not make it through the body to protect the ball, like the nba's Deron Williams, Chris Paul and so on, look at what they dribble, you know how the shorter people guard good use of the body, and then obtain other chance!
zhuziqiang9182010-01-16 01:16:12 +0000 #4
retaining the ball: Man posted very close, his back to people retaining the ball, with one hand blocking the defensive back on the person

shorter people to rely on speed, not necessarily the speed you run, but the instant speed ,

for example, when the three-step layup to start the first step in speed, dribbling to the speed of change when.

If you are not used to defending people near you, you can close when they are not yet close to dribble forward ahead of schedule acceleration, get rid of. Quasi-best shooting guard



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