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Basketball changed how progress

The new century, summer2010-01-16 01:01:47 +0000 #1
I 168CM. Can easily touch rebounds. Speed.
Eternal Balance2010-01-16 01:05:51 +0000 #2
does not seek to lay a good basketball this other fancy doing a good job

the first 3:00 to talk about control This is a question of the ball basics basketball

is the basis for Enhancing point


the first three things started is to learn how to use wrist Bounce the ball with your fingers to stick the ball

followed by the ball around to learn how to develop good sense for the ball around the neck for example, Rao waist, etc.

Finally we must learn to running the dribble does not seek to do this fast before Qiuwen


The second is the standard that is to maintain the correct posture of the hand-type

the correct posture is to prop open the right hand fingers palm the ball does not touch the ball

the wrist and elbow 90 degrees respectively, to form a non-square

shot when crossing the natural pre-arm to push

attention to the wrist shot jitter and fingers feeling

shot high, but does not seek to be done quickly

The final step is the basket

this effective way for the junior high school students who score should be the most easy to grasp

layup most important thing is pay attention to grasp the rhythm of uncertainty in the mind

let the other party's own breakthrough moment

not seek to accelerate Chen Jian order to drill faster, but the other party The weak-side (ie, a large space side)

take-off does not seek spheres of high attention to the body's attention to the cover of

shot when the other fingers finger roll stiff

then is to develop basketball in the basketball consciousness

"Basketball awareness" training, has been Basketball training is one of the important issues, but also to improve the level of an important basketball, Pig my article on this subject was discussed.

Basketball consciousness; Training

basketball game is a collective fight against the competitive nature of the project. It requires not only athletes, have good physical fitness, skill level, and requires players with good basketball sense. Athletes have a good basketball sense, you can pitch in the game according to offensive and defensive posture, take the initiative to find and master the planes, take appropriate measures and actions to maximize the advantages of himself and his team, to defeat the enemy. The United States Basketball experts believe: to win basketball games, 60% rely on thinking, 40% rely on physical strength. Modern basketball games and practice has proved that the higher level athletes, this trend is more obvious. We found that there are many better players individual skills, but the court can not properly fulfill its technology, it simply is not mindless to play basketball As a result, players are bound to the individual skills and tactics a higher level, thereby reducing the team The offensive and defensive quality. Can be seen that the cultivation of consciousness Basketball Basketball Training should be a very important aspect.

1, basketball sense of meaning and classification of

awareness as a category refers to the human brain the existence of objective reflection, it is a subjective impression of the objective world. Basketball awareness from a broad sense, is an athlete on the basketball game understanding and awareness. NBA Napa Te Riley, the former Knicks coach said: "A player is only for their own access to the ball will move, he would not be a true athlete. If he also will create opportunities for the companion, so that the team benefited from , be considered to understand the game of basketball is really the secret. "So, you can put basketball consciousness is defined as: athletes through the special and repeated practice, according to market conditions, through feeling, observation, thinking, judging control ourselves, to take reasonable action to the psychological processes combined. Basketball players can sense the-spot performance, divided into:

1. Pass, the ball awareness. Competition companions came ready to take the ball, the ball after the pass has a chance companion. In the pass, the ball in the process to find a favorable planes.

2. Shot awareness. Then companion pass, the situation of persons according to defense and timely shooting time to grasp.

3. Breakthrough in consciousness. If, after receiving the ball when the defense stations closer to the other side, there is no shot opportunities, breakthroughs, blue or sub-goals, create opportunities to partner.

4. Running cover for consciousness. When you do not have the ball, took the initiative to partner to do the cover, and create offensive opportunities.

5. Awareness of anti-fast break. Is mainly reflected in turn defensive player by the attack on the rhythm of an active, rational use of letters, blocking, looting, folders, breaking technologies and close cooperation and coordination with each other, and adaptable for field conditions.

6. Synergies defensive awareness. Means the athlete has both positive and dynamic use of force to force, blocking, cut, seal, cover, looting, beating, breaking and other personal defense technology, have formed close collaboration with their peers, delivery, exchange, grabbed, protection, pincer attack, Wai Shou, fill with such tactics as anti-sense.

7. Grab rebounds consciousness. Is a rather ingenious and indomitable fighting sense. Once players establish a solid rebounder and awareness, will be able to race with great determination and perseverance to go wit to compete for rebounds.

2, basketball sense of the constituent elements of

human consciousness is not directly see other people, it is bound to the process from their own reflected movements. Basketball players must be from a sense of tactical action game shown. Awareness of the constituent elements of basketball players:

1. Technical purpose. Mastery and application of any technology must have a clear purpose. Athletes in training and competition, in order to properly use technology, tactics, and give full play to their level, it must be clear-headed, purposeful, targeted. Sought to make their every action with a certain degree of tactical purpose. Thesis

2. Action predictions. The two sides against the fierce competition, fast-changing course. Athletes in the race action in order to achieve the best results, it is necessary insight into the changing circumstances, to anticipate the future, ready for a variety of coping mechanisms.

3. To determine accuracy. Right course of action comes from playing field to determine accurately to determine accurately the right to play a technical, tactical premise. All actions must be based on careful observation and accurate judgments based on the.

4. Action contingency. In order to achieve victory in the race, often to change their own actions, so that attack or defend a larger breakthrough, surprisingly, anti-it does not prepare, playing opponents by surprise. The same time, subjective and objective conditions change in pitch, but also need to quickly implement contingency measures, at any time to change the offensive and defensive tactics. For example: when the referee's penalty scale strict attention should be given too much defensive action is not easy to avoid foul; if the referee scales lax, the paste can be bold and defensive movements, can also be a bit more, restrictions on each other's actions.

5. Action and covert. In order to effectively attack the other players fight for the initiative and advantage must be good at using a variety of skilled motor skills (false action or covert actions) to disrupt and confuse the opponent's judgments as to the cause of its illusion, without prematurely revealing their tactics intentions, to win the race initiative.

Basketball beginner must not do 8 things! ! !

1. Blindly imitate the action star.

Star's actions are not all standard, and their actions are based on their physical conditions, they can do, amateurs are doing does not come. Learning standards and to maintain posture is the most important. (Please insisted imitation imitation Ray Allen)

2. Do not attach importance to practice basic skills.

The basics basketball is constantly raising the level of the foundation, we must attach importance to, and the best professionals to teach beginners from time to time, using a standard postures and movements to begin your basketball career. Do not pay attention to the basics, the old practice of so-called special "trick", to a certain extent you can not be increased.

3. Shooting their heads off their Fadeaway

players look very handsome, but if a normal shot, then going to go Fadeaway it, certainly not a normal shot Fadeaway accurate, beginners should not seek a high degree of difficulty and frequently after the beginning Yang, investment can not chose to pass, in the air when shot at, Yang will not be shooting more啦!

4. Imitation of the street basketball style.

There are a lot of street basketball moves are unauthorized (and double dribble), a lot of movements are irregular movements, beginners do not imitate. FreeStyle Street Basketball is the focus on fancy dribbling, passing, dunking, shooting is the second, so a long time, and shot level will become poor. The first is a culture of street basketball, and then is a sport, so do not blindly imitate.

5. Focus on fancy moves

basketball campaign, scoring should be simple and effective, the most direct form of scoring. In some non-essential cases, the action is really complicated the issue is too complex, resulting in unnecessary mistakes, to avoid the defensive difficult moves are based on solid basic skills on the spot to play, simple movement exercises is fixed, there is no strain in the actual combat capability.

6. Ignore the physical exercise

Many beginners believe that technology good or a good bounce or a quasi-shot is everything, but the encounter with physical confrontation, these strengths can not be a good play, there is no good basis for the strength and speed, not be able to break through opponents or get rid of defense; if the power is not good, when the fierce physical confrontation after the shooting is not allowed, so should pay attention to physical exercise.

7. Does not attach importance to a famous defense

said: good offense can win, good defense can win the tournament. Offensive defense is to obtain the opportunity to start, often scoring in the process of attack and defense conversion is achieved, there is no offense wasted a defensive attack, the time-consuming and not an advantage, so defense is key to the race.

8. Too much respect for dunk

dunk is indeed the most reliable means of scoring, but for beginners, even if you bounce no matter how good, it is difficult in a situation of confrontation dunk, dunk practice will lead to blindly ignore the other technical the improvement can dunk as an amateur pastime, but also perhaps the only fast-break when the ball used in the single-pole, therefore, should face up to dunk and comprehensive development of basketball skills.

In a word pragmatic is to practice every day, so to be successful

Last --- often, and master playing baseball, progress faster! !
Huoying2010-01-16 01:13:23 +0000 #3
I think the first would be the ball, hand ball as far as possible open to learn pressure wrist, learn extraordinary, in order to not be someone else off and reduce errors.

2 is a shooting? On the pitch, seize the opportunity to practice every day in the long-range shots, but also should pay attention to other players with the market co-ordination of multi-pass, to create opportunities for teammates, not as "pitcher", to become a "core "Please note that transposition rotation.

3, when defense to determine the defense objects, followed by. To deny him the shots.

Remember that basketball is most important is technology, followed by the speed, and finally height. Multi-day practice, the technology will help you.

Best wishes for your basketball playing well



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