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NBA's the problem?

nabo2010-01-19 11:01:45 +0000 #1
1, what kind of team in order to enter NBA, how can the players into the NBA?

2, NBA's schedule like? What group? Time nodes?
masterpieces of insects2010-01-19 11:11:32 +0000 #2
1. on the team how to get to NBA

NBA teams first and foremost a company, in terms of profits for the purpose of, the local market is not good, there would be no team there, NBA Headquarters in this regard is more of the market point of view! Of those organizations into the NBA team bosses, of course not Wanpiao, are trying to make money!

A team wishing to enter the NBA, the need for all of the NBA owners voted to allow, if there were teams are not allowed, then the team can not enter the NBA, after all, more than one team, one point should offer more benefits!

Take now the latest NBA team the Charlotte Bobcats, the Charlotte Hornets, formerly the seat of the local market has a certain foundation basketball fans are also looking forward to have their own team. Secondly, their application reviewed by the NBA League, and has been 29 team's consent. As a result, the Bobcats entered the NBA that year, each team can then pick a player (which can pick the team players to provide the original), and then get the players through the draft.

Players to enter the NBA, of course, have the strength! NBA scout team through a variety of competitions, leagues, training, training camp, discover talent from around the world. And then through the draft, or get the player signings. As for the player can smoothly enter the team, it depends on the player's original contract, and the country's related systems of. Like a few of our players to NBA, in addition Wang delay time, others are relatively smooth, but Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian them with Shanghai and Guangdong are under contract, in which spent a lot of price, Yao said the year on the paid a huge ransom fees, almost did not go into!

2. On the schedule.

The row by the computer, in accordance with certain conditions, such as the All-Star game break, Christmas, Halloween, in the same district tournament system, with the League Cup system, home and away evenly divided, and so pre-set favorable conditions, and then expelled. Like San Antonio's home, a half a month to be held in the month of Stampede, so that they will continuously play a lot of time away from home!

NBA's schedule is not hard to row, said that the Premiership is the world's most difficult schedule of the row of the first professional tournament!
Favorites Fujiwara AGB2010-01-19 11:50:48 +0000 #3
the team to a bar, just like our country is called the Class A team, like just before adding the Charlotte Bobcats, NBA did not know or give you the money depends on the application level on it. Players as long as you have the ability to pick a team to participate in value, you, you will be able to go in, and felt even without academic qualifications but no culture of scouts on the road fancy you, you can also go directly to sign a contract, draft and direct into both lines, race course NBA group set, it does not like to play soccer today, as the second day of this series may slap the other tournament, NBA tournament is a one-year season, including preseason, regular season, playoffs and Finals , the entire NBA has 30 teams, teams are divided into East and West sides, east and west, the preseason is estimated that there is no team too much stress on the regular season is to determine the team rankings, and what ministries in order to enter the playoffs before the 8 while others have eliminated things on both sides on the 1st seed in the playoffs eighth seed, on the 2nd right on the 7th, on the 3rd right on the 6th, on the 4th right on the 5th, and then continue to go out, and so the only thing remaining ministries a team to the finals, time is usually the end of October beginning of June or so final. (Up to answer your question very long, it is estimated that many people do not bother to send minutes to answer, my answer is actually very vague and is difficult to type and speak clearly is)



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