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Yi Jianlian returned to play the whole set shipped!

mime882010-01-19 16:01:03 +0000 #1

Zezheng2010-01-19 16:03:52 +0000 #2
Beijing October 8 New Jersey news, had been the hubbub about Yi Jianlian finally had to return to participate in the National Games regarding the end result - although a lot of pressure to bear, basket Network Yi Jianlian is still refusing to release the simple reason that such acts of madness Yi Jianlian 100 harm than good.

Nets, Yi Jianlian formally rejected the repatriation plan, although China has been putting pressure on to the Nets - perhaps the return before the rumors about whether he had been repeatedly has never been an exact reason for the results of . Entirely understandable, New Jersey, the team has not yet crazy enough to let their new season may be the main power forward during training camp over half the Earth, only to return home to participate in an innocuous Games basketball tournament.

After the Nets had made some concessions, promised to let Yi Jianlian 10 13 to 18 home games period, but later the National Games basketball tournament time for a change in (the correct time is 10 16 to 28), the Nets are no longer a compromise, and now they just took it as the best reason for refusal. Is difficult to completely clear the whole thing because it also involves a Yi Jianlian and the Bucks a year ago, a number of agreements between.

But you can sure, Yi Jianlian play back the door is shut, and you can not have to go care of. When it is all over, Yi returned to China, he may hear the words did not sound good, but if he says he can not be made person to make decisions, and perhaps fans will not make things difficult for him too. This would be a rather sensitive matter, I hope that Yi Jianlian play in the new season, excellent condition, which may also be able to make up for, whether it is in his or his team.
snow2010-01-19 16:06:12 +0000 #3
easily if the back, the consequences will not be much better than Sun Yue. Besides Sun Yue good or ill is to serve their country, easily this trivial game, better not come back
Mimi2010-01-19 16:50:28 +0000 #4
To be sure, Yi is to return the door to competition has been closed, and you can not have to go care of the
Doudou2010-01-19 16:22:52 +0000 #5
aside all of the news reports, we want to look at, Yi Jianlian do need to come back to play Games? Shouted the slogan of white fitness, and for a gold medal, to abandon their careers, it is very desirable to know Yi Jianlian is not only just a Chinese, but an NBA professional players, it should be subject to the club's arrangements and, if the club needs you to play the upcoming league or need you and your team run-in, you should feel at ease to play, not half-hearted, this country is two different things with the Aibu Ai.



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