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Past Men's Basketball Champions Ya Jubei Who?

Attack is the best defense2010-01-20 00:01:08 +0000 #1
It is reported that, Ya Jubei is an annual men's basketball.

Please tell us over the years the Asian Club Basketball Championship Cup. 2009-10-04 09:53

I asked the supplementary question is the basketball team, the tournament has a history of no less than ten years? We have to know about?

Entry requirements? How Shandong, Liaoning, Beijing also be able to participate?
txsyf2010-01-20 00:16:32 +0000 #2
Asian Club Champions League, held since 1981 already had 28 years of history, 81 teams had won in 1981, won in 1990 in Liaoning, Beijing Olympians in 1998, years to win, Guangdong Hongyuan won in 2008.

While specifications for the Asian Club Champions Cup and the European Champions Cup, like all belong to inter-continental competition, but the content from the competition point of view, Ya Jubei in recent years has gradually been reduced to tasteless. More teams are holding training mentality, because Ya Jubei will not be sent on the lineup play.

2000, China participated in a total of five times Ya Jubei, was fifth in 2005 in Shandong in 2006, Beijing won the third, fourth in 2007 in Liaoning, Guangdong, in 2008 won the championship runner-up this year's Olympians.



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