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Street basketball history?

United Kingdom2010-01-20 04:01:08 +0000 #1
Specify: I will say is not a game ah
shpd7132010-01-20 04:14:41 +0000 #2
Street Basketball (street-ball) originated in the United States, the game does not need to be in a regular basketball court, in the city square or street open side of a basketball court set aside half the size of a flat hard, establish a basketball, you can to compete. In recent years into our country and, in some large and medium cities have conducted a number of games, very popular have been welcomed.

Talked about street basketball culture, needs to be mentioned is that New York's West 4th Street in Manhattan, and Harlem's Rucker Park. In these two regions has created a lot of street basketball heroes and myth. Goat (Earl Manigault) is one of a legend, he could easily remove the top of the backboard 25 cents coins, there was a fast dribble and intercept Ling Duishou very hard to detect, standing only 6 feet 2 (188), he can easily have 7-foot tall 2 (218) and NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to defeat, from goat (Earl Manigault) known as a "have not played the greatest NBA player." However, due to the U.S. forces in the streets of the underworld and drugs, many of the streets of the strength of even the best players can not join the NBA, so the streets can only complete their basketball career.

For this reason the street basketball pass down from generation to generation, each street ball player has his own unique style and skill to win the audience's support and respect. Hot Sauce is perhaps the most popular on the streets today in the 21st century player, because he has created many NewTricks (new fancy), so that more ornamental street basketball and entertainment. If you can personally see him play you will really understand the streets and basketball is not just a sport, but an art, so that you place in them and share a sense of shock brought about street ball.

"Street basketball" HipHop is a street basketball as the background. Throw away all kinds of cumbersome rules, we came to the streets. In the streets, followed by HIPHOP rhythm, everyone together to enjoy the freedom of basketball fun bar.

Rock Park, Rucker Park the world's most legendary street course is located in New York City Harlem 155 Street and on the 8th Avenue, corner of "Jorge Kangmuluoke stadium," in basketball circles more known as the "Rock Park." It is the first professional league Locke Locke league and the venue. From the 20th century, 80 years, the Rucker Park has always been regarded as the birthplace of the most exciting street ball. NBA legend of tasks, such as Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Lejiabaer, "J Dr." Julius Erving and Nate Archibald, all in this piece of sacred Xian Guo site on the black asphalt technology



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