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Who knows NBA rules and the different rules of the World Basketball Championship?

weijh121_hq6zr2010-01-20 06:01:08 +0000 #1

Heaven and Earth KENNEDY2010-01-20 06:06:56 +0000 #2
NBA every game for 48 minutes, 4 minutes, each 12 minutes; FIBA under the rules of the game for 40 minutes, divided into four sections, each time is 100 minutes.

2 · NBA Stadium 3-point line a distance of 6.70 meters from the basket; FIBA course of this distance of 6.25 meters;

3 · NBA stadium area of 90 feet × 50 feet (27.43 meters × 15.24 Mi); FIBA 28 m × 15 Mi.

4 · NBA three-second zone is an area of 16 feet × 19 feet (4.88 meters × 5.8 meters) rectangular; FIBA zone is 3.6 meters in three seconds × 6 Mi × 5.8 m ladder.

5 · NBA suspension for each game the number was 7 times the frequency of extra time during the suspension of three times; FIBA competitions to suspend four times, pause a second overtime.

6 field players in the NBA is a request for suspension; and in the FIBA suspended the coach called.

7 · NBA pause duration for each and every one minute and 40 seconds; FIBA suspension duration to 1 minute.

8 · NBA in the first half (previous two sections) and the second half (the latter two) have a 20-second television pause (Advertising); FIBA is no such requirement.

9 · NBA free-throw time limit is 10 seconds; FIBA to 5 seconds.

10 · NBA referee spot number 3; FIBA for 2 persons.

11 fouls per game more than the number of free throws, NBA as the No. 5 team fouls or fouls the final two minutes of each half; FIBA teams for each half, after the 5th foul.



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