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NBA Arenas story behind?

Than two pigs2010-02-19 05:10:34 +0000 #1
NBA I know relatively late, a lot of Arenas shot of Adi Ad, Zhenzhen have not seen him play, Ze Yang, how he got red up?
the square of the cube2010-02-19 05:20:26 +0000 #2
a very low pick is selected, played superstar of data, and thus
Heidelberg CD742010-02-19 05:53:46 +0000 #3
Position: point guard

Height: 1.93 meters / 6 feet 4

Weight: 97 kg / 214 lbs

Date of birth: 1982-01-06

Team: Washington Wizards

Draft: 2001 No. 2 No. 2

School: Arizona

Nationality: United States

[brief experience] Born in fast-paced world of Hollywood, the father engaged in bit-part player trades. Arenas 11-year-old began to touch, basketball, and entered the University of Arizona under the tutelage of Mingshuai Lute Olson, 2001 Nian led his unit reached the NCAA finals, losing to Duke. Subsequently decided to drop out of school to enter the draft, due to location, height and character of the reasons for dropping precipitously to the second round of the night crying, by the media as a typical over-estimated their value. In the 01-02 season, the Golden State bench warm for a few months, until Larry Hughes injured before entering the starting lineup, but has since soared, reached the Union, the ranks of super-class star. The summer of 2003 in order to pay thousands of years of signing the Wizards (This transaction also resulted in subsequent changes to the second round of the League rookie of the contract rules) ,03-04 season, suffered stomach injuries, unfortunately, only played 55 games. 04-05 full-blown season, not only selected for the All-Star, League third team, but also, and Larry Hughes, Antawn Jamison led his unit to obtain a first time in 23 years playoff series victory, in which the first five pairs of war increases when the Bulls, Arenas hit The key buzzer to help the team won a narrow victory to successfully play a cold-blooded killers.
zhyxingh2010-02-19 05:59:24 +0000 #4
Hehe yes you look at Yao Ming less ....
Mars2010-02-19 06:36:33 +0000 #5
Chinese name: Gilbert Arenas

English name: Gilbert Arenas

Cantonese translation: A with Jonas

Nationality: United States

Team: Washington Wizards

Position: guard

birthday :1982-01-06

Height: 193CM / 6 foot 4 Weight: 97.5kg / 215 Pang

Birthplace: United States, Los Angeles, California

Jersey Number: 0 Number

Schools : University of Arizona (Arizona)

Draft: The 2001 Golden State Warriors 31 (second round, 2) pick.
, Who played for the team: Golden State Warriors (2 years)

NBA ball Age: 8 years

『』 season 2005-06 season, played 80 games (80 starts), averaging a career-high 29.3 points per game scoring column fourth NBA scoring (29.3 points). 11 times to obtain a single game for more than 40 points. 42 single-game for more than 30 points. Selected to enter his second consecutive NBA All-Star Game. 』

2006-07 season, played 74 times (73 starts), averaging 21.7 points, 5.4 assists, 4.2 rebounds and 1.73 steals in 344 games (324 starts).

『』 2007-08 season, 13 games in the regular season starts in eight games, the games averaged a 19.4 points, 5.1 assists and 3.9 rebounds.

『』 2009-10 season game this season, Arenas scored in the home averaged 22.5 points and 7.2 can assists and 3.9 rebounds, while in the away game, Arenas averaged 18.8 can be points and 6.4 assists, 3.9 rebounds, it seems that his performance at home than away better. In the December 13, 2009

VS Indiana Pacers scored his fourth triple-double with 22 points, 10 rebounds 11 assists.

Beijing January 7, 2010 "NBA official station" message, NBA CEO David Stern today published a report on "gun case" protagonist Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas a statement announcing the penalties imposed an indefinite suspension until the completion of the League, "carrying the gun incident "The final investigation.

『Personal honor』

April 2002 Western Conference Rookie of the Year nominations;

02-03 season NBA Most Improved Player Award;

02-03 season, the All-Star Rookie game MVP;

04-05,05 -- 06NBA the best team third team;

06-07NBA the best team second team;

04-05,05-06,06-07 three consecutive years to participate in All-Star Game
ly3970132482010-02-19 05:50:10 +0000 #6
no Nadechushou the [personal feelings]



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