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I would like to play basketball. 185 I can jump, but not sufficiently strong, athletic training meth

Alain God Machine ss2010-02-19 05:10:41 +0000 #1
I dribble well, I do not know how to train, shooting is not standard, help me, I would like the winter vacation, summer vacation to practice Thank you
drowning eyelashes2010-02-19 05:25:03 +0000 #2
My point is, we must learn well the dribble, the ball is basically a certain feeling better, good to you do not watch a soccer match can control the ball, good to be able to dribble around your eyes closed body, good to you want the ball it will not be east west and so on; the other hand, if no way to transport strike, often have to "watch the ball to dribble," or, have been concerned about the ball being copied from the "back pairs of teammates dribble "and even" the other side a pressure on the closed ball ", etc., play such a hit, you have to think of another way to dribble a little more than pass.

So, we had previously proposed to improve ball skills and ball sense to do more training, this will make you dribble more refined;

Action Name: finger head the ball (alias: Gold refers to Dingli)

Action essentials: ball, first to "trick" a force to rotate the sphere, and then just referring to withstand the sphere center of gravity.

Guiding points: do not throw the ball high, rotating sphere to find out later that the use of a single center of gravity and stand up, mainly the use of a rotating sphere allows continuous rotation movement.

Key Objective: To identify the ball center of gravity; the purpose of seeking a finger contact with the ball felt to facilitate the shooting.

Action Name: finger interaction pass (alias: fillip magic)

Action essentials: hands and fingers upward, in order to push the first bullet into the hands means the exchange of quick passes.

Guiding elements: frequency should be fast, SHI Li-point second half of the sphere.

Key Objective: To hit the ball with the wrist and finger agility; the purpose of seeking shooting and passing essentials.

Action Name: Two-Handed User forced a pass (alias: thrilling 10000 kg)

Action essentials: palm facing up holding the ball by holding down the pass and then force the other hand.

Guiding elements: from holding down the drop down when there is the feeling of force and to maintain the stability ball.

Key Objective: To hand contact with the ball a strong feeling; the purpose of seeking pass, the ball essentials.

Action Name: ball, ring-necked (alias: neck Tim Flower)

Action essentials: ball on the neck side of the ball from the back of the neck to pass to another hand.

Guiding elements: Action to be fast, the ball does not fall off, the palm does not touch the ball.

Key Objective: To extend the wrist, fingers elastic movements; the purpose of seeking pass, the ball essentials.

Action Name: ball ring Waist (alias: Ying Yan skinny fat)

Action essentials: ball at the Waist, passed the ball back from the waist to the other hand.

Guiding elements: faster movements can not be watching, the ball does not fall off, the palm does not touch the ball.

Key Objective: To extend the wrist, fingers elastic movements; the purpose of seeking pass, the ball essentials.

Action Name: ball around the feet S-(alias: Snake in the Eagle pin)

Action essentials: ball on the foot side of the ball by foot across S-pass around to do so under the other foot.

Guiding elements: Action to be fast, not watching, the ball does not fall off, palm and feet can not touch the ball.

Key Objective: To extend the wrist, fingers elastic movements; the purpose of seeking pass, the ball essentials.

Action Name: affixed to dribble (alias: pearl milk tea)

Action essentials: the ball placed on the ground with your fingers quickly racket on, and continued fast-paced dribble.

Guiding points: the ball must start from the quiescent state, Bounce the ball can not use palm and can not be higher than 15 cm, the frequency to be fast, the ball to leave the ground, can not be watching.

Key Objective: finger ball and ball flexible adjustment; the purpose of seeking dribbling and shooting essentials.

Action Name: Surround your feet dribbling (alias: needle in the haystack)

Action essentials: fast dribble, and fast-paced continuing around the legs dribble.

Guiding points: can not use palm dribbling, ball can not be higher than 15 cm, not watching, frequency, faster.

Key Objective: finger ball and ball flexible adjustment; the purpose of seeking dribble essentials.

Basic dribble method should be used when the wrist and finger movements to control the ball. Although you can arbitrarily change hands, but when you can only dribble with one hand ball. Should use your forearms, wrists and fingers forced the ball into the ground. To learn to control the basketball bounce height and speed, practicing, from the chest to below the knee, changing the height of the ball. It should also learn to dribble move, while constantly changing hands, and change direction.

1, when the dribble from the standing start position, the hub of feet off the ground before the ball first floor, dribbling the ball when you feel with your fingers. Try to avoid palm ball.

2, wrist, finger smooth beat by the ball. Be careful not to vigorously beat play. Your wrist and fingers must be very flexible.

3, when the ball pops up, open your fingers to feel the ball. Should begin practicing in-situ dribble, so that the ball can be a sense of familiarity.

4, and now to test yourself and see whether you are watching the case without dribbling. This is necessary to do so allows you to observe the other players while dribbling position.

Please remember to protect the ball should dribble away from the opponent's side to protect the ball.

Dribble dribble hand-shaped when the fingers naturally separated from contact with the ball as much as possible. In addition to changing the direction dribble outside, your hands should always contact the ball at the top.


central foot is always fixed on the ground a little.

When you are transported to stop time-varying, this is called turning. Turned forward, one foot (center pin) are not allowed to lift, with the other foot before and after the shipments. In this way, you can turn in either direction.

No matter when the very face of basket ball, you should immediately turned to face the basket. This is also known as "gracefully shot Shelf."

The whole process should always keep his head turned and looked up. For the control of a good center of gravity should be taken the one small step. Blocking the defensive player of body in order to protect the ball. The back should be straight. Knees to maintain body balance.

Perpendicular to the principle of

1 player on the floor of each has its own individual "airspace", that is surrounded by players of their shoulders as the diameter of an imaginary cylinder. In the region extending from the ground and facing the ceiling. If opponents within the cylinder to your touch, it could foul.

When you dribble the rules, once to stop dribble, the ball touched off by other players until you can not start dribbling again. If you start dribbling again, then regarded as illegal dribble, which is known as the "secondary dribbling."

Must learn to feel of dribble, dribble rather than relying on the eyes.

With an attempt to intercept the ball from you opponent dribbling practice together.

Dribble when you want to transport a few steps on the transport steps

dribbling extraordinary footwork Xiangjie 1: lower center of gravity.

Please do note that the so-called lower center of gravity does not exactly mean you can be a Bayao bend down to knees rather than bending over! ! !

Of course, there are other supportive actions, professional team in general is to ask the rise, side shoulder and elbow lift (open circuit rather than the elbow elbows beating, the amateur player not to learn it worth mentioning).

2: * Shun-step and cross step.

This is a fundamental breakthrough in the two-step.

Shun-step is a breakthrough, the first step * before the feet (in a breakthrough in the direction of your subject), cross-step, then, is the first step * after * the foot. Shun-step has the advantage of quick, before it starts to focus on the * front feet, * after the foot kind of like the spring is compressed, which is the key to quick start! ! ! ! Front foot forward and then across, the equivalent of opening a compressed spring, does not want to rush out and go Bu Xingle. The disadvantage is that protection is not enough, and sometimes fast-moving opponents, to judge good and you move forward to the route card, you can greatly interfere with the formation of the offensive players.

Cross * step-step with the Shun not the same as it is the first step * after the foot, start method is the same, compression + release. Since it is the first step * after the foot, then obviously it to start more slowly, but it has the advantage of once the only step to the foot, your entire leg (in addition to your body) can completely block an attempt to occupy the offensive line of your opponent .

Shun-step is generally when the body before the change to use, cross * cross the next step, then, when available, of course, before the body can also be used to pay * step, after all, before the change to the body is the most commonly used.

3: Body + pace + Body + Ball

please note the order of the body forward, pedal to the body * (to defensive players who * stand in his return to anti-routes), the ball just need to bring over, touched by their rivals to the on-line -

Of course, if you are playing street ball, is another matter, but the playing street ball to be extraordinary that, the have to follow some basic guidelines for extraordinary only in the past.

4: positive feint

This is also very common, but end up saying, then, the more, and here I only mention the main points.

False breakthroughs in a certain way to use feint of toes touch the ground in order to ensure a speedy return to the body shell, of course, if your opponent vegetables, the body can not move, he cheated death, you do not must-see them, and He He.

A concluding remark, the extraordinary way of course, far from just these, I simply talked about some of the common action under the experience, we have to go slowly in actual combat experience

changing hands changing hands on the dribble dribble nirvana nirvana

there is one point suspected of illegally carrying the ball more with the false illusion that the virtual integration of the action, Allen Iverson's dribble become his trademark, fast, strange, dizzying, known as the shadow killer Allen Iverson dribble on a stunt to defend his opponent, such as exposure to fog, hard to distinguish anything.

Maybe some people believe that Iverson's crotch changing hands on the dribble is not magic, neither Thomas supple rhythm like Hardaway so fast wind, but also the lack of Kidd's rich rhythm, but Iverson is the can be in two or three rounds from the opponent, straight sudden basket.

Perhaps the opponent is not defending Allen Iverson moves to fool, but Iverson superb skill in the lost himself, resulting in a great psychological pressure, the final standing of the original can only be transfixed turn out to be Allen Iverson in the eyes of puppetry.

You do not believe Mody? Then let us into Iverson's Transformation

a first face to face confrontation with the opponent.

2 left-handed dribble down Bounce the ball harder, for two consecutive fast-paced dribble dribble is seeking to change the route departed the left side.

3 to the left hand ball, using ball spin the ball a temporary stay in the hands of.

4 to the body and head to the left feint, an opponent confuse the direction of attack, which led to deviate from the center to the left.

5 When the opponent moves to the left, so that bare legs bent, fast-switching body center of gravity.

6 ball rebound from the left jump right hand, instantly changing hands dribble.

7 start, speed up the extraordinary.

A day to do shooting practice, spring practice, single-hand dribble practice (dribbling the time when the fast pace slowly, as if someone like you on the defensive end. Want to move back and forth about ran practice dribbling in height is best not to over paint cover). Want to grow any taller, then go to the horizontal bar with both hands clutching the body hanging on it, said a long time can grow tall.
(*^__^*) ... ... Hope you can somewhat help
a887919042010-02-19 05:24:47 +0000 #3
185 can play big pre-ah. .

Blue-trained to fight under the board, and practiced shooting. .
364,626,5412010-02-19 06:32:06 +0000 #4
Hello, first of all look at the age of your leave if you are still dissatisfied, then I'll give you 16 experience points, such as the following

you are very familiar, right hand dribble. Then you can now put your left hand with the right hand is also trained in skilled

These are the basics oh

As for the shooting are not allowed to say. Practice makes perfect This is a slightly more natural exercise is enough

there is not enough on your body Zhuang. Then you lot to do sit-ups and running ah ah ah these basic essentials.

Are all of great help to you, ah

always find some friends with big games ah.

Well I can only offer you slightly more than how you want to help.

At the same time I wish you practice basketball more faster. They did not make bad to go into the CBA Oh. . Those who believe that they are no absolutes ah
xgp19892010-02-19 06:05:45 +0000 #5
every morning to go running, running him a few kilometers to finish the rest steps, and went to shoot, cast it 1000 (Payton had previously been shot 2000 times a day, insisted that did not play are like this) and then with the ball do buildup (that is, the ball run under full throttle, running a while and then immediately turned around and ran back at full speed) so do it 100 back and forth back and forth, if at night there are physical, they do sit-ups , can enhance Yao Li
sz31122762010-02-19 07:33:11 +0000 #6
depends on your location, if the power center is very important to the technology forward is more important



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