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On the bounce and speed training! The non-expert, the expert not to enter!

Teleiximai sub-Jun2010-02-19 05:11:27 +0000 #1
Height 173 of about 140 kilograms look like have a good basketball sense, the ball commercial bar, shot outstanding, good pace and the most headaches is the pace and bounce was not tall nor thin -

now playing a very open unless the body Occasionally, one of the board can be touched -

and then because of the slow speed of the image too much too much! ! !

Sincerely hope that there is a messenger sent by God to help me

how to improve how to increase the speed bounce

there I am now 17, how can a long point of a

given quickly to help those who bless your family happy
love1sky2010-02-19 05:27:01 +0000 #2
wheat fan?

I am also Come help your training experience


I am 17 years old bar (9 months to 18 in) 183cm, 165kg, directly to be able to touch basket ring (in fact, very general bounce , and almost no run-up, then almost 50 to 60 cm bar)

in the school to play basketball be a very good

I mainly play point guard, shooting guard, small forward, from time to time a guest inside


Your body is relatively strong, and further describe your basketball IQ, the pace of a good

the more important you are available, other have it say

First of all -


I suggest you, Do not worry. Jumping exercises do not think it would bear fruit

1-2 weeks for at least 2-4 months, you have a feeling, found himself the progress

First of all, regardless of your Achilles tendon by

training, then trained in the calf muscle, and abdominal, back muscles, and abdominal muscles on both sides

calf muscle Needless to say, on-line practice methods piles

However, I recommend a ,------ Rope

can practice the physical, but also exercise the calf muscles , but also exercise your sense of balance

and I spent a lot of training methods, personal feel that skipping is the most relaxed and easy to adhere to, easy to implement, and the effect of the best

abdominal muscles - two on, sit-ups The most basic, the most effective

back muscles - you can do try hard to be effective, although very tired

face down on their backs, lying in bed, with your feet hooked edge of the bed, and then hands hold his head up efforts to date

effect is good, but

If you have a back injury, or congenital diseases. . Better not to do this

this thing must adhere to. . . Otherwise, do not have that effect

10 million believe they feel that their muscles have made progress, we must adhere to

2-4 months, we will be able to see the results

Speed ------( some trouble)

I personally think that training rate it would take, and the above-mentioned several ways to combine

First of all, your abdominal muscles, back muscles, muscular legs, your instincts will be many times stronger

And then there's your thighs, and In connection with the long-distance running for exercise,

I suggest that if you have the time, each day with a 10-minute long-distance, so that muscle activity increased after the training begins before I said those, Lian Wan, you can cast shots, activities, activity, but do not break too much a long time

and then long-distance running 10 minutes

NOTE NOTE ------ long-distance race pace - slowly slowly, the slower the better ---- ---- but it must be to run up

(You can use the toe-step running Britain , He walked up)

sub-words. . . I do not have methods,,, My parents are higher tall. . .呵呵

so what about these issues in contact me slightly

ah ------ Note lies persist, or else no good ---
Laonafahao funeral Biao2010-02-19 05:41:33 +0000 #3
NBA sometimes envy those who light Madman body is useless, and have to admit that reincarnation is a technical live.



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