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Can give me to translate what do

Ben Ben Fish2010-02-19 06:10:03 +0000 #1
l open my walley find no money lopen my pocktfife find you then l know how rich l am forever my fried, happy new year happy every day
Nie Wei Liang2010-02-19 06:18:08 +0000 #2
pocktfife? Is a pocket Mody. Number of words you have the wrong bar.

Along the following lines:

I have noticed wallet and found no money.

I have noticed pockets, only to find you. So I know how rich I am. I will never friends, new year, happy every day.
samuel7152010-02-19 06:52:42 +0000 #3
I opened the wallet and found no money; I opened POCKET LIFE (a kind of social networking sites overseas), to see you suddenly discovered how much I've been rich, my friend, Happy New Year, happy every day.
626,922,1882010-02-19 06:31:58 +0000 #4
I open my wallet find no money, when I open my my pocktfife find you know me money I will always friends. The new year, happy every day.



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