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I am standing tall 1.75-1.76 arm length of 1.77 does not wear a template to touch 2.17 can dunk, ask

zoro1959892010-02-19 06:10:21 +0000 #1
now 1.76 or so, shoes 178, weight 135 pounds, lower extremity strength that it could just template. Difference this year, 3 months 16-year-old, height is estimated that also grow to 178 or less the same I grew up practicing taekwondo, thigh strength is very strong, calf general, is the jump is not high, peers powerful almost touch box, rebounds ordinary school board , would like to ask how to dunk, how to increase jumping, I Achilles tendon relatively long, thin legs thick upper thigh Zhuang, what next for me how this kind of shape you can dunk, please give an appropriate expert training methods, do not change calf Leg-based approach, I are more spare time, as well as my weight a bit strong, to ask if the increase in weight-loss reduced to 120-125, then bounce it not be better, more developed muscles, while the calf would like to ask the next coarse good or better Fine .
pirates are not afraid of you2010-02-19 06:17:25 +0000 #2
on the issue of jumping ability. First of all thigh and calf to find out the role of the bounce, on the whole strength of feet of people jump thigh high, and strong elastic leg strength faster speed. The thigh strength training is largely weight-bearing squat and squat two kinds of approach, if you want to practice explosive, then in my personal and the coach's recommendations mainly linked squat. As for the weight-bearing is also very particular about the weight, according to Wade training method is proposed pyramid training method to stimulate deep muscle group every day you just do six squat, first of all you have first been measured under the premise of the protection of What is your biggest load, and then the first group with a maximum load of 60% to warm-up, in general, 15

20 as well, not too much, and then followed a few groups to each of the intensity of Ti Jia 10% of the weight-bearing increased in order to be exhausted until each group, (the so-called exhaustion that is I can not move now, many beginners feel sore on the leg muscles to stop this is not enough, there must be full strength exhaust can not be completed until the next move up.) Generally speaking, each group should have to do squat 8

12, if you are done 12 was still physically able to complete the next action that shows your load is not enough, you can consider raising the weight. To the last few groups you may have no energy to complete each of eight movement base, then after you are done do not stop immediately until the power to do is to expose bare hands until the squat. From this training, a period of time you will find that your jumping ability and explosive power there would be a qualitative leap. Note: beginner to do weight-bearing squat feet toes when you have to move forward. Knees bent inside or outside the Zhang. Post-training block in order to enhance the strength of muscles can make Eight Characters or internal toe outside the Zhang Qu. Thigh training can not be carried out every day, we recommend three days practice a second, post-training can be increased to two days time, if you feel the legs after the end of the practice beyond the control of shivering, then Congratulations, you are training today, very successful. Calf: calf muscles are small can be trained every day, but also to load the main, but the calf muscles is not easy to congestion, need more group numbers more than the number of training methods for training, training, and thigh when the load is also a method of one samples the training load to toes. Each try to make it 20

25. Calf muscles in order to make adequate congestion. Calf training, pre-or in the feet parallel to the main, to comprehensively stimulate the muscles and pay attention to the highest point in the toes as far as possible there is a brief pause. When the muscles have a certain basis in addition to the feet parallel to the training methods can also join the eight-character both inside and outside the training methods of the feet to stimulate the calf muscles two measurements. Food: muscle growth requires a lot of protein. Therefore, in the days of strength training, better nutrition is also essential. The proposed six eggs per day for more than practical. If you are also conducted in other parts of the power of the training, I suggest you also to enhance protein intake. There is also need to increase the weight of staple foods, carbohydrates are the source of your strength is your guarantee of completion of training. Finally: In addition to the recommendation to improve the muscle strength you have nothing to go home pulling ligaments, tough ligaments and is the corresponding super-explosive, if your ligaments if you pay attention to the training is easy because you have hurt the gradual strengthening of the power of their own . I wish you good luck, the future sports stars, remember that training should be appropriate and not injured himself yo, refueling, do not give up!

Http:// this video to teach well and
hw1472582010-02-19 06:57:06 +0000 #3
I do not want to fight you with your current situation, but basically impossible to dunk, if you can long to 185, then only a little chance to dunk, bouncing on big factors and congenital and acquired practice hard! Slam dunk is the height of the final say! But would like to practice jumping on the press upstairs says to do, your body weight to play basketball well, and then force ourselves and master the technology can be, and play do not have to dunk, first ourselves and master the basic skills it, not even the basic skills you will be able to buckle buckle not!
Big Shark jack2010-02-19 06:19:26 +0000 #4
NBA in height to dunk shortest player is "soldiers"斯珀特韦伯, won the 1996 NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner, which is only 1.70 meters tall.

Can learn to learn from him
mixinkiller2010-02-19 06:31:14 +0000 #5
I rely on you to put forward his argument so well pity not to NBA Commissioner David Stern can give you beckon
Feng-Xia Liu 12010-02-19 07:50:15 +0000 #6
Next David Stern! ! ! !
‖ 11 ‖2010-02-19 09:10:01 +0000 #7
brother you want to dunk still difficult to greatly improved through the training bounce too hard can improve more than 10 centimeters of my bare feet on a good show 180CM arm 198CM (not a wrong number) have been also trying to bounce do not buckle how good a good variety of training methods have been used by my dream has not been achieved, but you've got to keep practicing bar you may be able to upgrade larger



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