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qdwudunchuan2010-02-19 06:10:44 +0000 #1
I 1.72M, there are speed bounce, break and attack the basket and hit a higher rate, setting screens for passing awareness of good space shooting high, dribble pretty good, that is, with physical decline in hit rate decline, one-third is not good, in the distance range of activities, you heroes make a suggestion that the play what position, how the training, the more detailed the better, first thank you in!
warm bubble orange2010-02-19 06:14:01 +0000 #2
do not know how old you are 15 or so ... ... if you can exercise more power and the basket bounce straight back stronger body to fight back and the body is mainly the use of the pace and strength, must be rolling steady pace buttocks to behind the person with the top open, this time is also very important to dribble a little farther away from the body, the left and right hand dribbling two angles are not the same to strengthen the capacity of the left attack the basket was mainly playing board, and then is the most important is to turn this action shot, multi-practice

if the 19 or so, then told me about, you can look at in terms of opponents and teammates, as sub-says that high can not be said too short not too short, you can consider giving up three strengthening the medium-range jump shot sub-space, multi-running multi-basket play a smaller dislocation to strengthen the dribbling and passing skills, dribbling in the basket as long as no one can break either do not have to score every ball ball a single attack, it is disgusting. Can usually pass after the break, the right sense of pace and rhythm of a relatively high demand, multi-practice left and right of the basket, playing board, base ball, so in disguise, to rely on rhythm more than feeling when playing games from what speed to stop down. I am sorry to say not very clear, I am 20 years old, 175 play a more comprehensive, because although short, but as long as the feet and make power-point basket to master good news about playing 184 opponents in general is not too much, I am Dislocation said playing means 184 about a smaller basket, and you learn well, then what the 180 did not hit too many questions

finally say something about the speed, the speed is not necessarily faster, but you must let rivals when touched When starting slow speed, very easy to use with more than a single speed, but in fact playing at home, then two-thirds of the play is not much use啦, not like I was split according to people in foreign countries, and on the more extreme ... ... Well In this way, casual ... ... refueling bar



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