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NBA each team in the end there are several suspended? Several times per session? Half-times? Several

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short pause at 20 seconds pause, in some places introduced for television advertising pause. Each team have their own on the second half of a brief pause, that is, a short suspension of the first half, if not then called the second half of the void; overtime as an extension of the second half, so the second half of the short suspension can also be used in overtime.

Conventional suspension, also known as a long pause, but there are two kinds of time: 100 seconds and 60 seconds. 48 minutes regular time each team has six times normal pause, usually four of them will pause 100 seconds 1-4 to be used once per session. In addition to these four things must be the suspension of the other two conventional suspension for 60 seconds, usually wait until the last two minutes and the fourth quarter.

In the second and fourth quarter each time 100 seconds was also suspended from the suspension Which team do not take up a few, so I officially suspended. So, in 48 minutes a game the two teams will have a maximum 18 times Suspended: two officials suspended 12 regular suspension, four short pause.

Each overtime each team has three regular 60-second pause, the unused portion within 48 minutes of conventional suspension to the extra time is invalid.

The fourth quarter each team can only be called up to three times a conventional suspension. The fourth quarter the last two minutes of each of the last two minutes of overtime each team can only be called twice to suspend (not including short pause), I got to race the last time we saw the largest number of teams available is the suspension of two long - a short.

Conventional suspension can be easily replaced, a short pause is only a quota of substitutions, called the team for a short suspension of a person, then another team can also change a person; but in the final two minutes can be unlimited for a short suspension of

a game of people, in the first and third quarters must each have two 100 seconds pause (once the home team once the visiting team), from the beginning to 5 minutes and 59 seconds if not called before the team suspended scorekeeper must be When the next dead ball called a timeout, and the count to the home team's head; Similarly, since the first suspension and then to 2 minutes and 59 seconds, if there is no team called the suspended scorekeeper must be the next dead ball called a timeout, and the operator Prior to the suspension of the team name is not called;

In the second and the fourth quarter must each have 100 seconds to suspend three times (once the home team once an official visiting team), and 13 compared to one more 8 minutes 59 seconds point in time, namely: 8 minutes and 59 seconds, 5 minutes and 59 seconds, 2 minutes and 59 seconds these time periods must each have a regular suspension, suspended the order belongs to: the Crown, the home team, visiting team. That is, if 8 minutes and 59 seconds had not been called to suspend the team, then when there will be an official moratorium; if 8 minutes and 59 seconds before the team called off the initiative to suspend, to 5 minutes and 59 seconds without a team called the pause, Well, this is officially suspended until the 2 minutes and 59 seconds that did not be considered in the previous call to suspend the team name.

The above said, the 10 to suspend the competition, to be called that time period, regardless of the time pitch How much is the score situation, even garbage time, as long as the dead ball (a foul, the ball out of bounds, etc.), there will be suspended; another, sooner or later anyway, will be called, the coach will often take the initiative at that point in time called the suspension a few. Of course, if to a suspension must be called when the field did not die the ball has been crushed into the end of this section is also possible. In addition, each section does not mean that the two suspended must belong to two teams, one in a team called the two initiatives was also suspended some 100 seconds!

Many people regard the NBA so much advertising time as the suspension of a simple, in fact, considerably more than that role. For example we all know there is an unwritten rule NBA is second to start the fourth quarter substitute to play for a while, I think this is because 24 the existence of the official suspension, making it possible - even if the replacement play we're way behind, over three minutes can be replaced and not waste the whole number of times suspended.



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