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And how they can improve basketball skills in a short time?

Another dawn2010-02-19 08:11:15 +0000 #1
I am a second year student, playing center, height 176 or so, weight 80Kg, have upper body strength. The same level of students in general, under the blue I could eat him, but if you encounter expert on the sense of Bu Xingliao. Expert guidance of hope. (Strong board is not a very strong sense of how to improve??)
wenfan2222010-02-19 08:13:26 +0000 #2
exercises to improve of course, depend on the

insider tips I can teach you more than the

against the poor, of course, your body strong to eat him

but you do not necessarily have to be careful that he and flexible point of

So, make sure he covered the ball inside can not you cast a straight shot to the basket

playing is the right time to catch the left hand behind his card

Do not be around in circles before the

was raised to let teammates on hand to give you the ball from the sky

If the opponent can build them up to you, you turned around and give him a ball Akira

attention to opponent's center of gravity should open Akira Akira Akira person is the focus of

opponents can not keep up your shot you can always hit the

recommended insider Enhancing board

If you encounter a master then see you OK Buxing Le

Usually you are not sure you are inside the method according to the above said, the ball

and then to find the opportunity to observe the running of his teammates coordinate

Otherwise, an injection a few teammates, or to find the space

can be attracted to the opponent's double-teamed your goal is reached and then passed to teammate

no time when playing on his own

thinking about how to fight on how to play


we will give you into cheers

went into no one blame you

If the ball went into other people also call you or you will not beat them Yaoda a

because the teammates are not Qualified
Yan fat Shakugan beggar who2010-02-19 08:42:12 +0000 #3
wear Adi Wang .. Nobuharu Columbia!

PS hit him the face and Egg is also very effective -
Why what2010-02-19 09:09:55 +0000 #4
more dark each night to the lights of the stadium and thought the ball feel.



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