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plcfly2010-02-19 09:10:03 +0000 #1
Stadium myth

January 2006, the Lakers at home against Toronto. On in this game, the Lakers No. 8, created a coalition was stunned by the entire NBA, the entire basketball world was stunned by the whole world was stunned by the fans - a single game was 81 points.

Generally speaking, big events there is always a precursor to a number of clues. Prior to the Raptors against the Lakers on the road two-game losing streak. Back to the Los Angeles preparing for Kobe Bryant, gloomy face without a trace of a smile. However, against Toronto when the halftime behind 14 points, at which time, is still not available from Bryant's face, reading out his feelings. Intermission, in the locker room, Kobe Bryant Mai Zhuotou silent, who would have thought this is the calm before the storm? Sure enough, a miracle occurred!

Just been opening the second half, Bryant-line basket, sticking one projectile, and then Friends of the pick and rolls, dip the bottom line, when the opponent fill up against when the emergency stop Kobe Bryant jump shot and entered! And then went to third line, then jump into the E-STOP! When I think these two are lucky the ball, Bryant dribble again came third line, left to see, right look, 26 feet, the jumper again in the. I am surprised not help, when I have not yet fascinating stats, Bryant pass then team-mate, but also hit two-thirds in the 26 feet away. Feat of gathering dust for years, hit three consecutive one-third of the myth stadium, he would like to do? Later, Bryant again in the end line, take-off Feint deceive opponents, opponent into the air, Bryant and then take-off, Bryant shot close to the opponent the ball into the penalty ... ... Bryant was 49 when time-sharing, the score still deadlocked. When the end of the third, 81 more than 85 Lakers finally lead single 27 points, Bryant began Biao divided. I am just a feeling that there is anything to happen.

The fourth quarter began, Bryant is still irresistible, Toronto began to scramble layout starting on Bryant's targeted defense. Unfortunately, at this time Kobe has been possessed by God, people block murder, kill the Buddha Buddha block. Raptors double-team Kobe Bryant copied from the left cross step, and then an income, then back to, Lut than one person, but also an acceleration without hesitation, Chao You pass by another person, and then easy layup. Raptors with three double-teamed, but Kobe Bryant is the use of the gap between the two men, with a cross behind the next ball through the Bryant landed just across the next two after the middle of Bryant extraordinary care of the ball sideways easy shot. Wonderful, exquisite, the myth really track brings me pleasant surprises and sigh, can not help but produce sincere admiration. Raptors coach Mitchell on the sidelines to exhaust every means he could think of and kept the stomping, roar, the floor looks Hill ring ... ... At this time, I have created a sense of compassion, "the rule of force" in the word The game reflected most vividly.

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity changed the world, it seems that all the adjectives are relative terms, there would be no hot without cold, no slow no fast, no darkness there is no light, no mediocrity is no great ... ... Bryant has also become an adjective used to describe "some kind of training, mad, obsessed by the constant challenges and stimulation to enhance the combat effectiveness of the victory of fanaticism are almost pathological players" - Kobe Bryant is relatively stronger Bryant is absolute.

Bryant in the offseason, when, unlike other players like to travel, but in the training room, death-defying training. Bryant Unlike others, he seems to never know "yield" what is the meaning of. Where to eat at a disadvantage, the next time there must be where to find them again. Bryant can not accept any form of failure. He can shed blood and sweat, but never throw in the towel in tears. His trainer says that so far no one who could, like Kobe Bryant, as the training ground as a battlefield, generous investment in blood and sweat, and even derive satisfaction and pleasure.

For me, the reason why love Kobe Bryant, in addition to his on the court created a "81 hours miracle", there may be better equipped to influence me, it is courageous and dedicated basketball Kobe's heart. Bryant can get 81 points, also with the heart is.

9055183342010-02-19 09:14:08 +0000 #2
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King and crazy this life2010-02-19 09:18:45 +0000 #3
Never underestimate a great heart
I flash Ha2010-02-19 09:34:53 +0000 #4
He He wrote a good ah

subject was to follow the subject to come to a few non-mainstream bar :

Legend - Kobe Bryant;

"miracle" of the interpreter;

and so on. . . . . .
xxxiongxiang2010-02-19 10:32:11 +0000 #5
That year it love2010-02-19 11:26:42 +0000 #6
rapist's life
Di tone de smoker2010-02-19 10:17:42 +0000 #7
Kung Fu
woaimaci6062010-02-19 10:33:15 +0000 #8
24 Hao God
Wo Dou Dagger Dagger Juesha2010-02-19 13:08:18 +0000 #9
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